Metroid Dread Experiment No. Z-57 Boss Battle
Image: Nintendo Life

Metroid Dread's Experiment No. Z-57 is an absolute monstrosity, a huge hulking behemoth who's wrapped around a thermal power plant in Cataris. This thing needs taken down to restore heat to other areas of the world and defrost the currently frozen doors that are blocking our path forward.

This may be a huge beast but, with the right strategy, he'll be toast in no time. Let's see how we beat Experiment No. Z-57!

Metroid Dread Experiment No. Z-57 Boss Battle Guide

Experiment No. Z-57 Boss: Phase One

The first phase of this fight involves dodging a big pink laser that sweeps from left to right and jump-dodging a great big pair of claws that whip across the screen from left to right. Both attacks are well signposted so you should get used to their rhythms pretty quickly.

We need to be charging up our Storm Missile barrages and clobbering this thing on its head at every opportunity, but don't rush it, take your time, make sure to run left to right away from the beam and as soon as it stops jump dash to the opposite direction and land on the floor where there's a clear spot that isn't covered in poison gunk. Then get in as many missiles as you can.

Metroid Dread Experiment No. Z-57 Boss Battle 2
Image: Nintendo Life

The claw attacks are dodged by simply spin juggling yourself into the air and out of their way. Be sure not to spin up into the sides or ceiling as you'll take damage this way.

The only other attack you need to worry about in this phase is when the beast attaches four arms to the walls, each with a pulsating joint, you need to quickly target and destroy all of these with your Storm Missiles and avoid the floating pink target that's trying to hone in on you.

Keep smashing the head with rockets, dodging these attacks and soon he'll drop to the ground to fire off another beam. When he does this forget about attacking and get up right close to his face in order to dodge the beam and, more importantly, to parry when signalled (as soon as his beam is done). A successful parry here will see you swept up and carried off by Z-57 during which time you need to continue to fire off as many rockets as you can into its head.

You'll then be returned to the arena to start the next phase.

Metroid Dread Experiment No. Z-57 Boss Battle 3
Image: Nintendo Life

Experiment No. Z-57 Boss: Phase Two

Much the same as phase one but now there's a new move involving a strong wind blowing across the arena to the left, you need to run against it and prepare to spin jump in order to avoid the patterned pink blasts headed your way. Nothing but practice makes perfect here, time your jumps well and keep at it, there's no way around this aspect of the fight other than to get good at timing your jumps.

Beyond this Z-57 also introduces a new claw attack, following his left to right swipes he'll now employ a double swipe that requires you to spin juggle yourself in the air in the middle of the arena to avoid damage.

Keep attacking the head where you can, just as in Phase One, and he'll soon come down to be parried once more and you can get busy launching missiles into his head as he sweeps you around the arena.

Once back on the ground simply repeat everything you've learned for a third time, get him down on the ground again, parry and you'll take your last ride with him as he can't suffer anymore damage, let's you go and slides down into a lava lake. Fare thee well beastie!

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