If you plan on completing every single level in Kirby Star Allies, you're going to need to find the hidden big switches. Not only do these unlock Dream Fortresses, but they reveal completely new levels as well.

Finding a big switch does typically involve mastering a specific ability or combination. While we've tried to point you towards the nearest friend or ability you need to complete each puzzle, it's worth paying attention to the specific enemies during each level and grabbing a few to bring along.

Here are the locations for all of the big switches in Kirby Star Allies, by world and level.

Dream Land Big Switch Locations

Donut Dome

In the fifth area of the Donut Dome, defeat the first set of enemies and slide down the ladder. Keep moving to your right and you'll find the big switch in the centre of the next room.

Honey Hill

In the fourth area, fight your way to the top of the moving hill and you'll find a cannon. Drop down to your right, then immediately left and set the fuse alight using a ranged burning attack.


Quickly race back to the cannon and jump in it and, if done correctly, you should fly up to a door to a secret area. Enter it. Here, quickly hit the switch to your right before the huge ball of Waddle Dees falls off the platform.

Move to your right and you'll find the big switch in the centre of the room.

Planet Popstar Big Switch Locations

Friendly Field

Right before leaving the third section of Friendly Field, turn left instead and use the Cutter and Wind abilities to activate the fan to your left. Head inside the secret area revealed and you'll find the big switch.

Reef Resort

In the third section of Reef Resort, you'll come across two waterfalls next to a set of gunpowder barrels. Use fire attacks to set the fuse to the right of the two waterfalls alight, then use the Parasol ability or Chumbrella to protect the flame as it passes under the waterfall. If you press up on the left analog while holding the umbrella, it will shield the flame from the water.

If done correctly, the barrels will explode and reveal a secret area. Enter this to find the big switch.


Nature's Navel

Keep an eye on the floor during the third section of Nature's Navel. You should spot a ladder that you can climb down. Do so then use Ninja Kirby with Birdon's friend ability and throw a shuriken at the flaming chain to break it. This will reveal a secret area. Head inside and use the same friend combination to break another chain (but be careful of the lava!), causing the ground to fall. Drop down and you'll find the big switch at the bottom.

Jambastion Big Switch Locations

Eastern Wall

During the sixth (and final) section of this area, right before the exit gate you'll see a block that requires four friends to activate. Do so to create the friend bridge then help guide the key carrier to a door at the bottom.

The trick to this section is to always ensure the carrier hits a wall and turns around, rather than runs face first into the spikes. If you fail, you can try again as many times as you need to get it right.

Once the door is open, travel through it and head up the ladder to find the big switch on your right.

Longview Corridor

Right at the end of the fourth section of Longview Corridor, combine ESP and Rocky to smash a boulder into the switch to the left of it to open a path to a secret area. Head inside and you'll find the big switch.


Western Wall

This big switch is a little more tricky to activate. In the second area of the Western Wall, you'll find a wall of blocks. Hit the bomb block to blow it up then head inside the secret area. Defeat Vividria and steal the artist ability, then go outside and hit the canvas with your paintbrush to get a key.

Head left and climb up the ladders until you find another secret door on your right. You'll need the key to access it, but you've got that now! Use it and head inside. In this secret area, you need to time your drop so you land on the moving platform below. The best way to do this is to wait until it's at its furthest point right, when it stops for a few seconds. Jump just before it stops and you should land safely on it.

Just remember to bring the key! You'll need that to open a door just to the left of the platform, and the big switch is behind it.

Inner Sanctum

You need to leave the second section of the Inner Sanctum by an alternative exit to get the big switch. During the course of the level, combine bomb with electricity to get the electric bomb. There are plenty of enemies with both abilities dotted about, so make sure to grab them.

Progress through the level until you see a plug on the ceiling above you. Place an electricity bomb right beneath it to activate it, then progress left and you'll see it opens an alternative exit. Proceed through to find the big switch.


Starlight Heroes Big Switch Locations

Planet Earthfall

In the sixth (and final) section of Planet Earthfall, grab the 'Cleaning' ability from a broom-wielding enemy, climb the ladders until you see a collection of stone blocks on your left, and press up on the left analogue to trigger its special ability to fire your friends at the stone blocks and break them. Head past them to find the big switch.

Planet Misteen

In the fourth section of Planet Misteen, use a hammer attack to hit the wooden switch, lowering the water level. Then, backtrack to another switch just to the left and use an electric hammer to open a passage to a secret area below. Enter it to find the big switch.

Planet Frostak

In the second section of Planet Frostak, you'll encounter a secret area. Enter it then combine cutter with ice to complete the next puzzle. You need to stand on the platform just underneath the area with the burning chains, charge a cutter attack with B, and release while holding up on the left analog. This will send the cutter up and past the enemies to cut the chain. Head right to find the big switch.


Star Lavadom

During the third section of Star Lavadom, you'll come across an inaccessible secret area. Glance just to the left of it though, and you should see a switch just above the lava. To hit that switch, you need to stand to the left of it as stone Kirby, then activate your special power to have a friend whack you into it.

Head inside the secret area and you'll find the big switch waiting for you.

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