Friends are dime a dozen, but Dream Friends are absolutely worth treasuring. What are we talking about? Friends in Kirby Star Allies, of course – what did you think? Dream Friends are extra special friends that you can't find knocking about in an ordinary level. No, to grab these you have to first unlock them, then go and enlist their support in a nearby Dream Fortress.

Here's how to unlock the three launch Dream Friends, and who they are.

Dream Friends List

Dream Friend Appearance How to Unlock Weapon
Bandana Waddle Dee
Unlocked by default. Throwing Spears
King Dedede
Complete 'Clash at Castle Dedede'. Hammer
Meta Knight
Complete 'Sacred Square'. Sword
Released in an update. Tongue
Released in an update. Ball
Rick & Kine & Koo
Released in an update. Various

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