Super Mario Maker 2 is out and has added a plethora of features to the solid foundation of the first game. One of those tasty additions enables you to change the water level in a course, and even have it rise and fall over time. Obviously the design implications are immense, with plenty of timing-based gauntlets now possible. It's not, however, available in every theme, so read on to find out exactly where it's hiding...

How do I add water to my courses in Super Mario Maker 2?

Well, first things first - you can only do this in the Forest theme. Obviously, the Underwater theme features plenty of H2O, but that is entirely submerged - if you want to combine land and liquid in your levels you'll need to use the Forest theme for the time being (this could potentially change in a future update, but then again, so could any number of things).

Once you've selected the Forest theme, you'll notice a little boat icon on the left. Hit it to alter the water level:


You'll notice a yellow 'block' appear appear on the surface of the water. Selecting this block, you can move the surface of the water up and down to whatever level you wish:


You'll also notice a circle on the left end of the block. Select this and move it to another level to have the water rise or fall to this point over time. It'll start at the level of the block and go to wherever you choose:


Tapping the circle enables you to make it a one-direction, one-time movement, or to have the water travel between the two levels repeatedly. Hold down on the circle and you'll be able to choose between three speeds:

That's pretty much it! If you change to Night mode the water will turn purple and poisonous and kill Mario instantly on contact, giving you another set of parameters to play with. Importantly, switching to the Castle theme changes the water to lava. The editor works in exactly the same way (the little boat gets a little hot under the collar), although the liquid hot magma will have an immediate detrimental effect on the plumber's health, as you'd expect.

Let us know how you're getting on with the various liquids at your disposal in Mario Maker 2 with a comment below. Also, feel free to share your finest creations with the Nintendo Life community.