As you've probably seen for yourself, Super Mario Maker 2 has a host of new themes besides the returning ones from the Wii U original. In addition to Ground, Underground, Underwater, Ghost House, Airship and Castle, the sequel also offers Desert, Snow, Sky and Forest themes.

There's also a new Nighttime version of each level, and some of them feature entirely new properties that separate them from the 'normal' themes; floaty physics, slippery platforms or sandstorms to name a few. 'But I can't find the button to switch between day and night!' you cry. That's because you need to unlock it first. Read below...

How to unlock Night Mode in Super Mario Maker 2

To unlock the Night versions of each theme you must head into the Enemies dial in Maker mode by hitting the magnifying glass in the top right corner. The dials are green and on the last one you'll see the Angry Sun.

Select him and place him in your level (anywhere will do - it's not important). Once he's in the level, select him and hold down the button (or simply tap and keep your finger pressed to him in handheld mode) and you'll see another option pop up. Select the Moon icon and you'll unlock the ability to switch between day and night.

You can continue to use the sun and moon for this, but by going into the Themes list, you can also tap the sun/moon cord to toggle between the modes without needing the Angry Sun or Happy Moon in your level.

Now you're all set to change the mood of your courses entirely just by flipping the switch from day to night. Switching to nighttime can also affect your power ups and levels in strange ways. The best way to discover them is to experiment yourself, but if you don't have time for that, check out what happens in each different theme in the list below:

Underground: The entire stage and its gravity is flipped on its head.

Underwater: The stage is darkened, with only a circle of light around Mario (and the Start and Goal).

Desert: Strong winds whip up sandstorms which batter you.

Snow: Every surface and platform becomes slippery.

Sky: Gravity is reduced so everything's floatier.

Forest: The water is now purple and poisonous.

Ghost House: As with the Underwater theme, everything is dark except for the spotlight on the player.

Airship: As well as bringing the rain, enemies will move as if they're underwater.

Castle: The opposite of the Airship, you behave as if you're underwater while enemies move normally.

Let us know below how you're getting on with switching from day to night and the strange changes that take place with a comment below. Also, feel free to share your finest creations with the Nintendo Life community.