Super Mario Maker 2 has been out for a couple of days now and we imagine many of you have been feverishly exploring its nooks and crannies. That goes for us here at Nintendo Life Towers, too, as the rest of the team finally get to sample the game firsthand and see exactly what Alex has been excitedly jabbering on about for the past couple of weeks.

Those of us expecting a bookmark-style website from Nintendo have been left hanging (at least at launch), and at present the only way to share individual levels outside the game is via a 9-digit alphanumeric Course ID code. We've therefore come up with a handy tool to help you discover the best courses courtesy of your lovely selves, the Nintendo Life community.

Simply input the code from your level in the 'Add Your Course' box at the bottom of this page, add the title and difficulty and hit 'Save' to upload it to our community list - a brief summary and a relevant tag or two will make it easier to find (if you're having trouble finding IDs for the courses you've uploaded in-game, our quick guide has instructions and pictures showing where they're hiding). If you'd rather sample some of the levels others have created, use the 'Course Search' box below to find what others have been working on.

There'll be many players diving into this sequel with dozens - if not hundreds - of hours experience already under their toolbelt from the Wii U game, so if you're looking to share your masterpieces, or if you're starting out and want to see what's possible, this is the place! Whether you've created a multi-tiered epic, a brain-teasing platforming puzzle, a Rube Goldberg concoction or just a good ol' fashioned level you're proud of, post it below to share it with the Nintendo Life team and community. We're sure the NL forums will be buzzing, too, so there are plenty of places to chat with fellow Mario Makers.

So, time to don that yellow hardhat once again and let those creative juices flow free - we can't wait to see what you come up with. Codes at the ready!