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Disney Dreamlight Valley's Animal Crossing-like gameplay wouldn't be complete without a fishing mini-game, but how do you get the ability to fish, and where can you find fish? We've got the tips ready for you!

How to fish in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Fishing in Disney Dreamlight Valley is quite straightforward.

Equip your fishing rod, stand facing a body of water (this can be a pond, a river, or the ocean), and hold A to cast. Wait until the bobber goes under the water, and then you will see a white ring that appears and begins to shrink. Press A again when the white ring is inside the green circle in the center.

The harder the fish is to catch, the rarer that fish is. There will be more circles to time correctly, and faster timings, so make sure you train yourself on the easier fish first!

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Where to get the fishing rod

You'll get the fishing rod as one of Goofy's early quests, Fishing Expedition. It's an easy quest to complete — you just need to catch anything and show it to Goofy, and he'll let you keep the fishing rod.

You cannot upgrade the fishing rod like you can with the other Royal Tools, though!

The difference between ripple colours

You don't have to fish in the ripple spots, but you're guaranteed to get a fish if you cast your line into these spots — and they're the only way you can get rare fish, so it's worth learning which is which.

White is the easiest fishing spot, and has two circle rhythm levels.

Blue is the next easiest, and has three circle rhythm levels, with the last one being a bit faster.

Gold (it looks red on some screens) is the hardest. It has four circle rhythm levels, with the last one being a lot faster.

Tips for easier fishing

Your reaction times are faster when responding to audio cues instead of visual cues, so try not looking at the screen when you fish. There's an audio cue when the white ring reaches the green circle, so you can listen out for that instead if you're struggling.

You can also bring along a companion with the Fishing ability, and this will occasionally double your yield as your companion will magically "find" extras of some of the fish you catch. The higher their friendship level, the more likely this is!

You can also unlock and upgrade Moana's boat, and she'll find fish on her own. This won't complete your daily quests or unlock achievements about catching fish, but it can help you out if you need a specific fish for a quest. To unlock Moana's boat, you'll need to visit her realm, welcome her to the Valley, and complete her first few quests until you've finished "How Far You'll Go". You can then increase the rarity of the fish she catches by interacting with the Scrooge sign next to the boat, and dropping some cash.

If you mess up while catching a fish, don't worry! The ripple won't go away, even if it's a rare one, so you can try again.

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Having trouble fishing in Sunlit Plateau?

You might not have finished Scar's Nature & Nurture Quest! If the water is purple, you can't fish in Sunlit Plateau until you've fixed the issue. Keep following Scar's quests until you restore the Orb of Nurturing to the pillar. Here's our walkthrough:

Where to find fish in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Here's a full list of the fish and where to find them:

Fish Location Ripple colour Sell price Energy restored
Seaweed Anywhere None 20 25
Anglerfish Forgotten Lands Gold 1,500 2,000
Bass Peaceful Meadow
Forest of Valor
Sunlit Plateau
Frosted Heights
White 25 150
Bream Peaceful Meadow Blue 600 1,300
Carp Forest of Valor
Sunlit Plateau
Blue 400 800
Catfish Peaceful Meadow Gold 550 1,200
Cod Dazzle Beach
Glade of Trust
Forgotten Lands
White/None 35 150
Crab Frosted Heights Blue 600 1,200
Fugu Dazzle Beach (raining) Gold 900 1,700
Herring Dazzle Beach
Glade of Trust
White 65 250
Kingfish Dazzle Beach (night) Gold 459 800
Lancetfish Forgotten Lands Blue 650 1,300
Lobster Glade of Trust Gold 950 1,600
Perch Forest of Valor
Sunlit Plateau
Blue 80 400
Pike Forest of Valor Gold 800 1,500
Rainbow Trout Peaceful Meadow
Forest of Valor
White 50 300
Salmon Sunlit Plateau
Frosted Heights
White 150 500
Shrimp Dazzle Beach Blue 300 750
Sole Forgotten Lands White 200 500
Squid Glade of Trust
Forgotten Lands
Blue 500 1,000
Swordfish Dazzle Beach Gold 700 1,500
Tilapia Sunlit Plateau
Frosted Heights
Blue 600 1,150
Tuna Glade of Trust
Forgotten Lands
White 95 350
Walleye Sunlit Plateau Gold 1,100 1,700
White Sturgeon Frosted Heights Gold 1,200 1,800

How to get Glittering Herring

Glittering Herring is a quest-only item that Elsa's looking for. Here's our guide on how and where to get it:

How to make seafood dishes

We have guides for cooking with seafood right here:

And our full cooking guide can be found here:

Now you know how to fish and where to fish in Disney Dreamlight Valley, have fun putting Goofy's skills to shame!

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