Resolutiion (Switch eShop)

SolBlazer gives Monolith of Minds' Resolutiion a shoutout.

A supremely original action RPG game set in a mind-bending cyber-distopia. It's a spiritual sibling to Hyper Light Drifter, but is even more memorable than that game due to its aloof yet haunting Kafkaesque story. It has an exceptionally heart-wrenching soundtrack, gorgeous psychedelic pixel art, and the combat is tough yet satisfying with plenty of variety in weaponry and tactics. It is an eccentric game and you will be confused, yet it challenges the player's mind and indulges their senses like an epic fever dream. For the adventurous and discerning gamer!

Picross -LogiartGrimoire- (Switch eShop)

FishyS is back to plead Picross -LogiartGrimoire-'s case.

Picross -LogiartGrimoire- is...Picross! But with magic and a goofy NPC and a *cough* plot. And really dramatic animation and music. Does this make the Picross games different? Not really! Does it somehow make it incredibly addictive? Yes! Plus 3 types of hints and pseudo-hints (such as telling you what column might be worth investigating) add really interesting accessibility options to make things a little easier without removing the challenge.

G-MODE Archives25 Topolon (Switch eShop)

Topolon is top for Zach Kaplan.

This incredibly addictive, simple game will have you sinking hours and hours in, all the while wondering why you're playing a port of a mobile game from over two decades ago instead of, well, just about anything else. And then you'll play some more. The game tasks you with clearing out viruses by attacking them from all sides. The closest thing I can compare it to is Life Genesis aka Game of Life, but even that isn't completely apt. The challenge increases as you progress and the viruses become more aggressive, combining along nodes like droplets of water as you try to squash them out before they crash the system they've infected. You'll want to play again and again, seeing just how far you can get, and whether you're a Topolon Professor or a lowly Topolon Student.

Little Witch Nobeta (Switch)

Little Witch Nobeta gets Princess_Lilly's nod of approval.

Hello, I would like to recommend Little Witch Nobeta, a marvelous soulslike unlike any other. The story and soundtrack are splendid, and I really liked how risk and reward system worked - not unlike grazing in shmups, dodging "skillfully" quickens spellcasting.

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Fitness Circuit (Switch)

FishyS' final fave foists fitness upon us.

Fitness Circuit is one of the best and most varied fitness games on Switch, with tons of exercises, choice of animated trainer, and customizable routines. It is intense enough to get you sweaty, has catchy music and pleasant visuals, and does a great job of showing you how to do each exercise via voice and animation. There are unlockables, but the focus is pure exercise while tricking you into thinking you are having fun! Although the motion controls aren't perfect, they get the job done. And who wouldn't want to get fit to a Spike Chunsoft game?

Super Crate Box (Switch eShop)

The_Pixel_King had us scouring the archives, all but convinced we'd reviewed this one, surely...

Super Crate Box is a fabulous single-screen arcade game from Vlambeer – the folks behind Nuclear Throne and (the infamous) Ridiculous Fishing. It’s a 2D platform shooter where the aim is to gun down enemies to reach randomly placed crates which contain a random weapon with which to kill yet more enemies. It’s a glorious loop that provides endless hours of retro flavoured high-score-chasing fun, and all for less than just five bucks. It’s also a great game to mess around with between bigger titles, and I wholly recommend checking it out.

Smile For Me (Switch eShop)

heisnbrg gets a grin out of Smile For Me.

Smile For Me is an incredible 3D Point and click adventure. The style and humor is very similar to the Psychonauts games (or the humor of Double Fine in generally). It's a 10/10 for me!

Tux and Fanny (Switch eShop)

And finally, Zverik returns with a game that we've mentioned before, but never actually reviewed.

Mentioned only once in Kate's "Best Funny Games", I feel like this game doesn't get enough love — maybe because it's never on sale. At first looks like a plain pixelated adventure, but in half an hour it expands to dozens of various mini-games, from clay animation and book reading to 3D horror and skiing down a mountain. Thankfully no farming and no RPG-ing. And if you're craving for more after 100%-ing the game, there's an animated movie with the same characters on youtube!

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