GoNNER (Switch eShop)

If a list were to be created of games available on Switch that make you say “oh, just one more go” for approximately four hours, this would sit right on top. An addictive, beautifully presented experience that will bring you hours of joy/frustration, GoNNER seems a perfect match for the console – offering a gameplay style suited to both quick bursts of play and longer, dedicated sessions.

Possibly too tricky for some players, it requires a lot of determination and offers little respite - expect to be thrown back to the start countless times as you try to progress. If you’re the type who enjoys a serious challenge we recommend giving this title a go; it's one that will reward those who stick with it the most.

Bad North (Switch eShop)

A slice of rub-based Viking strategic combat right out of the heart of Scandinavia’s indie development scene, Bad North joins the likes of Element at the vanguard of a wave of smart yet intrinsically accessible real-time strategy titles. Swedish developer Plausible Concept calls it ‘micro-strategy’ and it's the perfect encapsulation of a minimalist approach that covers everything from unit management to the Monument Valley-style isometric art style. With enough enemy variance to convince you you’re playing an interactive episode of the Vikings TV show, this endlessly entertaining sea of bitesize battles will teach you to fear - and love - the sound of the oncoming horde.

Risk of Rain 2 (Switch eShop)

Risk of Rain 2 proves to be an exceptionally well-designed take on the gameplay that made its predecessor popular. The transition to 3D gameplay has been pulled off flawlessly, and the sheer diversity of gameplay options combined with the strong online multiplayer ensure that this is one you'll keep coming back to for quite some time. Some frustrating navigational issues and the poorly optimized UI blemished the game a little at launch, but those matters aside, if you're in the market for a quality 3D roguelike action title for your Switch, Risk of Rain 2 is one of the finest purchases you can make.

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Into The Breach (Switch eShop)

Into The Breach is a brutal, uncompromising game of making hard decisions and living with your mistakes, but the short length of battles and endless variety of playthroughs makes for an extremely addictive experience. Though the graphics are nothing special, the gameplay is some of the very best you’ll find in the strategy genre on Switch, and we can easily recommend this to anybody who’s looking for an in-depth game that’ll make you think. Into The Breach feels right at home on the Switch, and whether you play more at home or on the go, you’re more than likely to get plenty of value out of this release.

Sky Rogue (Switch eShop)

While it lacks any storyline and the randomised nature of the missions may strike some as lazy, arcade-style dogfighter Sky Rogue has plenty of gameplay where it counts. The jet combat action is superb, aided by excellent controls, a wide range of weapons and plenty of stuff to unlock. The 12-stage campaign mode will keep you coming back for quite some time – thanks largely to the unique roguelike approach where death means losing everything, but the experience gained means a better chance of success next time around – and the ability to rope in a friend in co-op adds even more longevity. Granted, when you do eventually complete the game there's not a great deal to bring you back, but it will take quite some time and effort to reach that point – and you'll have had such a blast you won't feel short-changed.

Rogue Legacy (Switch eShop)

Rogue Legacy is a simple take on the tried-and-true roguelike formula, but it executes what it sets out to do exceptionally well, making for an endlessly replayable and enjoyable action adventure that no fan of the genre will want to miss out on. A high difficulty level, funny writing, tight controls and rewarding RPG mechanics make this one an effortless recommendation; the design of the game makes it easy to play in short bursts or long sessions, which means it's a great fit for the Switch. If you enjoyed Dead Cells, Castlevania, or any 2D sidescroller in that style, you’re almost certain to have a blast with this one.

The Persistence (Switch eShop)

The Persistence is a unique and unsettling sci-fi horror roguelite FPS that does an excellent job of transferring its tense atmosphere and absorbing gameplay loops from its original VR form to Switch. There are tons of weapons and toys to tool around with as you run the gauntlet, the permanent aspects of the gameplay are refreshingly generous and survival mode and New Game+ provide a properly stiff challenge for those who prefer their roguelites to be tough as nails. Firesprite Games has done a fantastic job of porting the entire ghoulish affair over to Switch, with flawless performance in both docked and handheld modes; overall, this is another very strong addition to the console's ever-expanding collection of excellent roguelite experiences.

20XX (Switch eShop)

20XX has an addictive rhythm. You dive into the level, find loot like upgrades and currency bolts, kill bosses to take their weapons, and keep pushing until you die. After dying we’d often suffer from that 'just one more run' itch that’s so common in roguelikes and the formula fits an action platformer like 20XX perfectly. The procedural engine does a good job of mixing things up, although after a while you can start to see a little repetition. That's easily overshadowed, though, by the sheer variety and amount of upgrades and customisation on offer. Recommended.

Flinthook (Switch eShop)

Flinthook is a really well crafted, charming and fun experience. To a certain extent, it feels impeded by the constraints of its genre; it is one of tightest action platformers and addictive roguelikes around, but due to the randomly generated levels, you will encounter the odd frustrating spike in difficulty or structurally very similar areas in close proximity. These complaints are reduced to niggles, though, due to its charm, personality and action packed gameplay. This trek across the galaxy is sometimes a tough and repetitive one, but it's also incredibly enjoyable.

Crawl (Switch eShop)

We really like Crawl, and we’d bet our collected stash of gold and wrath you will, too. A dungeon-crawling hack-and-slash affair, it’s great fun in single-player thanks to some aggressive AI that will hound you at every moment, but that consistent danger takes on a new lease of enjoyment when you and three of your friends are jostling for XP and that all important killing blow. Couchplay doesn’t get much better than this on Switch.

Immortal Redneck (Switch eShop)

A couple of small visual and audio issues aside, Immortal Redneck is an absolute blast. By combining well-crafted room design with randomly generated maps and then giving the player the ability to smoothly run, leap and blast through them with all the grace of a shotgun-wielding swan while constantly upgrading their abilities, it offers a massively satisfying, foul-mouthed experience that’s likely to remain permanently installed on your Switch long after you’ve deleted other games to make space.

Streets of Rogue (Switch eShop)

Streets of Rogue benefited from years of developmental evolution in Early Access, and while we do feel the asking price is a tad high for the final result on Switch, the amount of content you get far surpasses what you’re probably expecting. RPGs are often at their best when they give you a world where you can be anyone and do anything - Skyrim has built its legacy on that concept - so if you want the freedom to be a werewolf, or a scientist, or a bartender, then this is the game for you.

Steredenn: Binary Stars (Switch eShop)

Steredenn: Binary Stars is a fantastic release that does a great job of providing an experience that feels simultaneously classic and modern. Its high difficulty, rewarding gameplay, endless variety, and beautiful presentation make this an essential buy for any fans of the shooter genre, and a high recommendation for those who aren’t. If you’re looking for a tightly made arcade game that can be played both in short bursts and for hours on end, here's yet another one for your list.

Rogue Aces (Switch eShop)

Rogue Aces is a stellar, fresh experience - even more so if you never played spiritual forerunner Wings of Fury - that landed on Switch eShop seemingly out of nowhere. It not only delivers an audio-visual treat, but also an overwhelmingly entertaining stimulation of the senses thanks to the frenetic aerial ballets you take part in. Easy to pickup but devilishly hard to walk away from, Rogue Aces demands just the right amount of arcade shmup skills and strategic planing with the odd lucky break when something just works out. All of this is complimented by some excellent humour in the form of audio quips from your Captain, the enemy Baron aces and the one-liners from ally pilots. Kick the tires and light the fires, fellow Switch pilots; this war won’t be winning itself with you sitting pretty on that carrier deck.