Nintendo Switch Lite Accessories

If you are planning on picking up a shiny new Nintendo Switch Lite, you might be wondering what else you should be adding to your basket with it (other than games, of course). Thankfully, we have you covered with a whole smorgasbord of goodies you can use to accessorise and look after your brand new Switch Lite. Let's get stuck in...

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Cases for Nintendo Switch Lite

With the Switch Lite being so lovely and extra portable, one of the first things you will likely want to get is a case to store it in when it's bouncing around in your backpack. These options will do the trick nicely.

Give your Switch Lite a protective shell

If the constant faff of a tough case feels a bit too fussy for your tastes, then you might want to consider a protective shell instead. HORI's Duraflexi Protector looks rather nice, but there are also silicone slip-over shells which are available too when you can't be bothered undoing zips and clasps.

Switch Lite screen protectors

As with any new mobile device, a range of companies are stepping up to offer tempered glass screen protectors to make sure your screen doesn't get scratched. These Switch Lite screen protectors will keep all 5.5-inches of your screen safe and sound.

'Dock' your Switch Lite

Well, sort of. Switch Lite does not dock to your TV, but it also doesn't come with a kickstand for handy tabletop play, either. However, there are options if you'd like the option of playing in tabletop mode (although you'll obviously need some extra wireless Joy-Con, too). Perhaps the ultimate solution to this is Hori's Switch Lite dual USB playstand which can also charge your device while you play in tabletop mode. A variety of cheaper alternatives are available, however.

Expand your Switch Lite storage

Switch Lite is all about portability and the last thing you want to do is be lugging around lots of pesky game carts with you if you're downsizing to travel lighter. So, if you plan on going digital with future game purchases, you're going to want to get a nice big micro SD card. SanDisk is our favourite for reliability and value. They come in a range of capacities in order to meet your budget.

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These were our favourite picks to accessorise your Nintendo Switch Lite, but do drop us a comment below if there is anything else you've spotted.

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