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Whether you’ve just bought a new Nintendo Switch or Switch Lite, or you’ve had one since launch, sooner or later you’re going to want to grab some accessories. The standard Switch is a true hybrid device that’s capable of being any type of video game console you want it to be, and you can enhance this functionality with a variety of solid accessories.

Perhaps you want a more comfortable controller to use while sitting in front of the TV, or a case to keep your Switch safe while travelling? You might even want a play stand to replace that flimsy stand Nintendo provides by default, or maybe you want to pad out your storage with a micro SD card? Whatever the need, you can bet your bottom dollar that there’s a Switch accessory to suit you.

But what are the best Nintendo Switch accessories? That’s the question you need answering if you’ve landed on this guide. We’ve put together a list of our favourite accessories, with options to suit a variety of tastes and budgets because what’s best differs from person to person. Cheapest, smallest, emblazoned with Pokémon - the possibilities are endless.

No matter what you’re looking for, we bet we’ve got an option that will suit you below. Here are the best Nintendo Switch accessories you can get right now, at the best prices.

And if you're looking specifically for Switch Lite gear, check out our handy guide of the best Switch Lite accessories.

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Best Switch Controller Deals

If you’re a controller fiend, the Switch is definitely the console for you. There’s an enormous variety of options to suit every single need. The Joy-Cons, which come bundled in with the Switch, are the most flexible controllers by far. You can slide them onto the Switch to turn it into a handheld, wield them separately as Wii-style motion controllers, or slide them into a grip to turn them into a standard controller. Heck, you can even turn them into two separate controllers for impromptu multiplayer sessions.

They’re a jack of all trades for sure, but (as the saying goes) masters of none. If you’re planning on spending a ton of time playing in front of the TV, you might want something a little more comfortable – like the Pro Controller. This beauty of a controller comes complete with a proper D-pad, massive buttons, and a super comfy form factor. 'Once you go Pro, you'll never let go', as they say. Actually, no-one says that. But they should!

Then there are more bespoke options. Perhaps you want a Joy-Con with a proper D-pad, a wired controller, or a cheaper option than the admittedly expensive pro controller?

Best Joy-Con Deals

Joy-Cons are the default controller option for the Nintendo Switch for good reason. These jack of all trades can serve a variety of different controller types, from a traditional pad, to two Wiimote-style motion controllers, and even two separate controllers for multiplayer sessions.

Our options include the best deals on each of the different colour combinations for Joy-Con controllers, alongside the unofficial left D-pad Joy-Con by Hori.

Best Joy-Con Grip Deals

Grips are a handy (pun intended) way of improving the ergonomics of the Joy-Con. They range from standard controller grips to turning each individual Joy-Con into a controller itself. Heck, there are even a few fun grips like the wheels that make Mario Kart feel more immersive – as well as silly.

Our options include the best deals on Nintendo's official charging grip – which allows you to charge your Joy-Con as you play – alongside perhaps more comfortable grips and wheels.

Best Pro Controller Deals

Do you plan on playing your Switch in front of the TV for the most part? You'll want to grab a Pro Controller, then. This beast is extremely comfortable and has much larger buttons that you'll struggle to live without once you give it a try. It has all of the functionality of the Joy-Con – bar the ability to turn itself into two separate controllers; motion controls, HD rumble, and amiibo support are all present and correct here.

The options below include the best deals on all of the different colours and styles of Pro Controllers, from the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate edition to the gorgeous Splatoon 2 model.

Best Wired Controller Deals

Hate it when your controller runs out of juice? These options are for you. They also just so happen to be some of the more attractive controllers for the Switch, with PowerA creating a themed version of pretty much every Nintendo franchise under the sun.

Our options include the best deals on Hori's official wired competitor to the Pro Controller, alongside a wealth of PowerA controllers that draw inspiration from Zelda, Mario, and more.

Remember, though, that none of these wired options will work with Switch Lite.

Best Third Party Wireless Controller Deals

Pro Controller too rich for your blood? This selection of alternate wireless controllers will suit you best. 8Bitdo rules the roost here, with some amazing options that draw from classic Nintendo consoles like the SNES and NES. They're considerably cheaper than the Pro Controller, but do lack some of the functionality such as amiibo support and HD Rumble. You might be able to live without that, though – especially given that motion controls are supported.

Our options include the best deals on the different models of 8Bitdo's collection, alongside some upcoming competitors by PowerA that are fuelled by batteries.

Best Nintendo Switch Micro SD Cards

In this age of digital downloads Micro SD cards might be the first thing you turn to when you get your Switch, as the 32GB of internal storage is woefully inadequate. So much so that certain games don't even fit on it, like NBA 2K19 or L.A. Noire.

Fortunately, the Switch supports a wide range of micro SD cards all the way up to 2TB. Those don't exist yet, but we're getting closer every day with larger and larger micro sd cards inching closer to affordability. It's only a matter of time before storage space on the Switch is no longer a problem.

Our options include the best deals on a range of different micro SDs, from the far too expensive officially licensed options to eye-wateringly pricey 1TB offerings. We haven't included anything lower than 128GB, as the price difference is minimal.

Best Nintendo Switch Cases

If you fork out for a Nintendo Switch and a few games, you probably won't be very comfortable just dumping it in your bag. It's not particularly flimsy, but even the strongest devices break without appropriate care. However, there is a solution: get yourself a nice case.

We've put together a bunch of different cases to suit every need. Our options include the best deals on slim cases, messenger bags, and everything in between. Treat yourself.

If you're after a case for a Switch Lite, check out your options in our Switch Lite accessories guide.

Best Nintendo Switch Screen Protectors

One of the nice things about the Nintendo Switch is its lovely big screen, but unfortunately, it's not a clamshell designed console like the Nintendo 3DS. Even with a protective case on it, you might still manage to scratch that beautiful sharp LCD screen.

We've got you covered however with some of our favourite Nintendo Switch screen protectors which are easy to fit and will help you to avoid devastating scratches to your Switch screen. We've even thrown in a few options to protect your Switch Lite screen if you have that model.

Best Nintendo Switch Headsets

Rounding out our list of the best Nintendo Switch accessories ever is a selection of headsets. The Nintendo Switch now supports wireless headsets if you have a Bluetooth dongle so we've split our options into wired and wireless options, and included the Hori licensed Splatoon 2 headset if you want something tailor-made for Switch.

Best Wired Headset Deals

Best Wireless Headset Deals

What's your favourite Nintendo Switch accessory? Do you plan on grabbing any of these? Can you recommend anything? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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