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  • Feature Ten Wii U and 3DS Games That Are Perfect For Summer

    Remember, you don't want sunburn, so play some games

    As you may know, we aim to provide interesting feature content on a daily basis here at Nintendo Life, whether through interviews, Soapboxes, Talking Points or more general articles like this that have a catch-all 'Feature' prefix. It's been challenging at Nintendo Life HQ, though, because the...



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    The favourites so far

    With E3 2013 now a little over a week away, we expect a lot of talk to focus on the Wii U and its competitors, as the home consoles prepare for a battle at the retailers this Holiday season. And yet, we feel we should take another opportunity at this juncture to show some love for the 3DS, the handheld that overcame a rocky...


  • Interview Meet Antony Del Rio - Voice Actor for Pit / Dark Pit

    Sorry to keep you waiting!

    Last year saw the resurrection of Kid Icarus, with 3DS title Kid Icarus: Uprising. It is the third game in the Kid Icarus series and the first since Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters back in 1991 - a whole twenty-year wait, with the small exception of the heroic angel featuring in Super Smash Bros. Brawl for the Wii. The...


  • News Masahiro Sakurai: Stories in Video Games Can be "Irksome"

    "I just want the game to let me play"

    With the rise of technology over the years video games have established themselves as one of the biggest storytelling mediums out there. Stories used to be as basic as climbing a tower to save a damsel in distress, but as time has worn on they've become full cinematic experiences - even if we are still rescuing...


  • Rumour Kid Icarus Planning a Wii U Uprising?

    Too good to be true? Not according to Amazon

    While Kid Icarus: Uprising lead designer Masahiro Sakurai has stated that he has no plans to make a sequel , it looks like a console port may be in the works, depending on how optimistic you happen to be. Earlier today, Amazon France put up a listing for Kid Icarus: Uprising, except the game is being...


  • News Nintendo In The Game For Golden Joystick Awards

    Your votes can help

    It's awards season, once again, with nominations for the 30th Golden Joystick Awards now confirmed and Nintendo games or exclusives featuring in a number of categories. These awards are decided entirely by the public, so if you feel that the big N deserves a chance to win you can have your say. Below are the nominations for...

  • News Kid Icarus: Uprising Complete Soundtrack Blasting Into Japan

    Imports available, at a hefty price

    We suspect that anyone who's played Kid Icarus: Uprising with a pair of good headphones has listened to and enjoyed at least a few of the music tracks. It's possible to listen to snippets of sweeping orchestral music in the game itself, but it's a soundtrack that seems worthy of a serious listen when not...

  • News Kid Icarus: Uprising Series 2 AR Cards Flying Into the USA

    Limited availability is the pits

    European Kid Icarus: Uprising enthusiasts can now buy the title's cards from various retailers due to a distribution deal with Panini. In North America, however, the focus has been on attending specific events to get hold of these AR cards, which bring in-game idols and unlockables as well as satisfying that...

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  • News Project Sora Disbanded

    Pit stop

    Kid Icarus: Uprising developer Project Sora has shut up shop. The studio's official site shows it closed on 30th June, and the site itself will go at the end of this month. Before anyone gets too carried away, it's worth remembering that Project Sora was originally established as a subsidiary of Sakurai's own, and decidedly ongoing, Sora...

  • News Kid Icarus: Uprising Cards Out Now in UK

    Tasty Panini

    Panini and Nintendo want to fuel your thirst for all things Pit with a big collection of collectible cards for Kid Icarus: Uprising. UK fans can pick up a Starter Pack, including a binder and three card packs, for £5.99. Individual packs of cards will set you back £1.50 each. With 404 cards to collect it's probably best not to do the...



  • News Organise a Big Kid Icarus Event, Win Prizes

    Nintendo lays down shiny gauntlets

    Every time Nintendo announces an event somewhere in the world, the response is always the same: "why couldn't it be where I live?" That won't be a problem on 19th May, as Nintendo is encouraging fans all over the world to hold their own events for Kid Icarus: Uprising. Designating 19th May as...

  • News Sakurai Won't Make a Kid Icarus: Uprising Sequel

    Smashing hopes

    We've only just asked if Kid Icarus could be Nintendo's next big franchise, but along comes Kid Icarus: Uprising director Masahiro Sakurai to say he won't create a sequel. IGN asked if Project Sora had created a "lasting universe" the team could return to in future projects, to which Sakurai replied: If by ‘lasting u

  • News Kid Icarus: Uprising on SNES Might Have Looked Like This

    Pit's on fire

    Forget for a moment that Kid Icarus: Uprising is one of the best displays yet of the 3DS console's stereoscopic screen, and imagine it existing in an altogether simpler time: the 1990s. Talented pixel artist jmatchead (via Pixel Art Guild) has done just that, creating two SNES-style illustrations of Pit's new adventure. Both images...

  • Feature Kid Icarus - Nintendo's Next Big Franchise?

    Taking to the sky

    Whether planned or not, Nintendo has fallen into a routine with its franchises. There’s always a big 3D Mario title and an epic yet delayed Zelda game guaranteed for each system, with a good chance of others such as Metroid and Kirby making an appearance in between. This backbone of core franchises has served Nintendo well over...

  • News Sakurai: Dual Analogue Control in Kid Icarus: Uprising Was "Technically Impossible"

    Stylus aiming speed "is on a whole different level"

    Kid Icarus: Uprising enjoyed an excellent critical reception from the majority of the gaming press, though even some of the most positive reviews raised the controls as an issue. We argued that they work well 'with practice' in our Kid Icarus: Uprising review, but it was nevertheless a common...

  • News Dress Up and Win at Kid Icarus Event

    Even if you don't go you can still dress up

    Nintendo UK is currently in the middle of a Kid Icarus: Uprising event tour, giving plucky gamers a chance to take on a 'battle squad' of professional gamers in multiplayer. Participants at the first event at HMV Oxford Circus in London received limited edition posters, while those who triumphed over the...


  • News Take On Kid Icarus Multiplayer Masters at HMV Stores

    Consoles up for grabs

    Can't get enough of that wonderful Kid Icarus: Uprising multiplayer? Get thee to a select HMV store and take on Nintendo's team of crack players, and you could win a set of AR cards. The participating stores are: hmv Oxford Circus – Saturday 28th Aprilhmv Reading Oracle – Saturday 5th Mayhmv Birmingham Bullring – Saturday...

  • News Kid Icarus: Uprising AR Battles Hit the Stage

    No more fighting on table tops

    For those who've been able to get hold of some AR cards for Kid Icarus: Uprising, there may have been some fun had in pitching iconic characters against each other with a number of backdrops. Ultimately, though, a dull piece of furniture isn't necessarily the most epic environment for a battle of the ages. Readers of...

  • News Panini to Sell Kid Icarus: Uprising AR Cards in European Stores

    Start saving those pennies

    While fans of Kid Icarus: Uprising in North America have enjoyed a few different ways to acquire some of the title's AR cards, gamers in Europe have had limited opportunity to build a collection. It seems that Nintendo of Europe were on the case however, as Satoru Shibata today announced a partnership with Panini to sell...

  • News Kid Icarus: Uprising Development Landed on Wii, Briefly

    Took in PC too

    Masahiro Sakurai started work on Kid Icarus: Uprising so long ago there weren't even 3DS development kits, according to a new Iwata Asks. Sakurai told Nintendo president Satoru Iwata that his Project Sora team made do with the other hardware available, including Wii: At first we didn’t have the Nintendo 3DS development kit, so we...

  • Game of the Month March 2012 - Kid Icarus: Uprising

    Worth the wait

    There was really no other contender for the best game released in March, right? Pit's triumphant return in Kid Icarus: Uprising swept the board in our staff vote, getting the nod from the whole team. It seems like an eternity has passed since we got our first look at the game way back at E3 2010, but the wait was well worth it as...


  • News This Is Your Kid Icarus: Uprising Weapons Bible


    Getting to grips with Kid Icarus: Uprising's weapons can take a while, particularly as there's so many of the things, but Nintendo UK has come to the rescue with a rather large infographic designed to get you up to speed. The image — helpfully linked below — takes you through the different weapon classes, as well as their pros and...

  • News Kid Icarus: Uprising AR Cards Now Available on Club Nintendo Europe

    Pay with stars, not cash

    Last week we made sure those of you in North America knew all about the free Kid Icarus: Uprising AR card giveaway, but thankfully European gamers don't need to miss out. If you head on over to the European Stars Catalogue, you may notice that at the top of the list is a set of 12 Kid Icarus: Uprising AR cards, a

  • Feature Kid Icarus: Uprising - What the Review Couldn't Tell You

    Minor spoilers within

    When we published our Kid Icarus: Uprising review, we observed a strict set of guidelines from Nintendo. These embargo criteria were designed to ensure that some features of the title weren’t given away before it hit stores. It’s not an uncommon practice, but in the case of this particular title we feel that it’s...

  • News Kid Icarus: Uprising Tournament Final Announced

    Get ready to face the light

    With its local and worldwide multiplayer mode, Kid Icarus: Uprising is another Nintendo game perfectly suited to competitive play. As part of the promotion for the release, Nintendo of America has been running regional tournaments for lucky winners to receive a paid trip to a National Championship in New York: we've...

  • News Kid Icarus: Uprising Won't be Available from GAME/Gamestation

    Nintendo confirms other retail options

    In the past few weeks we've reported that a number of titles on Nintendo consoles weren't going to be stocked by the embattled GAME retail group in the UK: titles such as The Last Story, Mario Party 9 and Tekken 3D Prime Edition have all missed out. The much-hyped Kid Icarus: Uprising can now be added to the...

  • News Kid Icarus Uprising Gets Perfect Review Score in Famitsu

    Now it's really flying

    The anticipation and hype for Kid Icarus: Uprising seems to be growing with each passing day, with AR card giveaways and regular trailers ensuring a high profile. Despite all of the build-up it's surely the game itself that matters most, and it's received a major boost from renowned Japanese magazine Famitsu. In the latest...

  • News Free Kid Icarus: Uprising Cards Fly Onto North American Club Nintendo

    No time to waste

    Lucky Club Nintendo members in North America now have a chance to pick up a free pack of AR cards for the upcoming 3DS release, Kid Icarus: Uprising. For those not in the know, AR cards unique to this title will be used for simulated battles, with the victor apparently earning in-game currency and goodies. With plenty of cards...

  • News A Kid Icarus Tournament Winner Is Draenmhar

    First past the post

    Nintendo of America's nationwide Kid Icarus: Uprising tournament kicked off in San Francisco yesterday, with the mysteriously-named Draenmhar D. emerging victorious in the heat to win a trip to New York for the final. As you can see in his photo here he's pretty pleased with his victory, but one thing bothers us Draenmhar: why...

  • News Be Careful When Watching This Kid Icarus Medusa Trailer

    It might turn you to stone

    Haven't had your fill of Kid Icarus: Uprising media after the 3D anime and 3D screenshots, here's some — 2D — footage of the game in action. The Medusa trailer below is one of the better videos Nintendo's released, with new bosses, weapons and wizards of various foods on display. At 4:38 it's got everything you could...

  • News Kid Icarus 3D Anime Hits North America This Week

    Two-parter inbound

    Europe got a Shaun the Sheep 3D episode this week; North America gets a two-part 3D anime based on Kid Icarus: Uprising. We'll leave you to decide who got the better end of the deal. 3DS owners in North America can power up their Nintendo Video applications to find the first (and, depending on when you read this, second) part of...

  • News Kid Icarus: Uprising 3D Screenshots Swoop Into View

    While you wait for the real thing

    The hype is starting to build for Kid Icarus: Uprising, with launch now just over two weeks away. In order to get you ready for some 3D arcade-shooting action, Siliconera has bundled together a rather large batch of 3D screenshots to view on your 3DS. In order to view these images, you'll need to