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Don't read if you don't want to read spoilers of the first Xenoblade game.

I still haven't beaten Xenoblade Chronicles because of the difficulty spikes and the most boring side quests I've ever played and that apparently you have to do to level up and for affinity which is required for better fighting and heart-to-hearts events.

It's the only Wii game that I own that I haven't finished yet. It's not a bad game, I like the cut-scenes and the story. My play time is 120 hours and my level is 73. I picked it up again and I want to beat at least the story because these characters have become part of my life through the years and I feel frustrated if I don't beat it.

I am in Bionis' Interior and my next battle is against Disciple Lorithia (level 75). The problem is that I feel more confident playing with Shulk (I control him for strategies) Reyn (tank) and Sharla (healer) but this monster is one of those ether ones so in theory I should be using other characters but if I do I die the same or earlier.

So my question is how do I beat this boss and how can I level up if it's required for this or last bosses? Am I doing something wrong?

Also where is Befalgar Pedestal and Kana Peak? Where do I use the Mechonis Key? Any Xenoblade experts here? Thanks for helping me finish the game. I don't know if I have more side quests to accept but I have 24 new, 2 current and 218 (!) completed. Yes, I counted them.



@BlueOcean I don't remember all of the details, but I do remember her being the hardest battle in the game. Also, I was like you and exclusively used Shulk, but I had to switch for that battle. I don't remember what I did, but I think I used the other girl that I can't remember her name (the princess) because she was good with ether.


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@ReaderRagfish What is Reyn and Sharla's defensive style?

I find Shulk a good player to control because he has a lot of strategies available like going to the back of enemies, using "buffs" and "debuffs", he has a minimal healing ability which can save any player, but when has a vision against himself I use Monado's shield but it doesn't seem to work. Besides, he has strong attacks.

I like Reyn because he can use aggro and take damage and has good defensive arts as well.

I didn't like Sharla because he didn't heal enough and she died all the time but once she has been levelled up and equips more powerful gems she is extremely useful for healing.

I think Melia is really cool with her magic but I am not very good playing with her. And she dies all the time.

Riki I haven't used him much so I don't know how to make the most of him either. He has a lot of health but he doesn't seem to be great for healing nor attacking.

Dunban seems a balanced fighter but I don't know what he is best for so I use him sometimes. Are you saying his strongest ability is evasion, right?

Fiora being the last one you get doesn't level up enough, she seems to be a weaker version of Shulk but perhaps I am wrong.



@Xyphon22 Melia, mestizo High Entia that uses magic (ether in this game). I have tried to control all characters, but I can make a bigger difference with Shulk. I just wrote about all characters if you want to check it.

EDIT: I finally beat the game!! My choice of characters for the last battles was Shulk (controlled), Dunban and Riki.

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