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I have a Wii to HDMI converter that lets me play Wii, Gamecube, N64, and some SNES and Megadrive games (virtual console) on a modern tv but the majority of my downloaded SNES and Megadrive games don't work. The screen just goes black. Is there a way around this? Can I buy something where everything will work?




Since your profile says you're from the UK, there's a good chance that your converter doesn't handle 576i, only 480i and 480p.

Virtual Console games on Wii in Europe are 50Hz (except for games not originally released in Europe like say Sin & Punishment on N64 or Super Mario RPG on SNES, which were both 60Hz in Europe), which means no progressive scan and, well... no 60Hz or 480i either. If everything else works but not that, that's likely the reason and there's really not much you can do I think. If you're looking for an adapter or converter online, make sure it says it supports 576i 50Hz but be aware that interlaced content will probably not look very good no matter what you do.

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