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Have lost one of my Wii remotes so bought two different sorts. Unfortunately although the other originals connect the new one's won't. Can anybody help



@Ferd That's likely because they haven't been paired to your Wii yet. On the battery cover of your Wii Remote, you may notice a small red button being exposed - that's the sync button. (Older models require that you remove the battery cover to see the sync button.) There's a sync button on the console too, you just need to open that small flap next to the disc slot to see it. (If you have a Wii U, the sync button is to the left of that flap.)

If you have that newer model that I've mentioned, you can use that little groove on that one end of the Wii Remote strap to press the sync button. What I do is that I press both sync buttons simultaneously, and presto - the Wii Remote now works with the console I paired it with. Of course, you'll need to install batteries to your Wii Remotes too, if you haven't already. Hope this helps!

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Hi MarioLover92

Thank you very much for your help. Worked a treat and my grandkids are very happy!!



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