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My wonderful, well-meaning mom tried to get me skyward sword cuz it was on my video game wishlist, but she managed to buy it for the Wii U (I only have a Wii) and as a digital download. I know the Wii online store closed down last year, but some of the reviews on the product are saying that the digital code didn't work for their Wii U and worked for their Wii instead.
Is there any way to still download it to my Wii or is it a lost cause. I won't be heartbroken if I can't, and I'll probably just buy it on disk.



@suzymae It's never been available digitally on the Wii Shop Channel even before it shut down (digital versions of physical Wii games only came to Wii U) so if you want to play it on Wii you'll need to get the disc version.


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I can definitely relate to this on the "They meant well, but this isn't quite what I had in mind" level. I feel your pain!

As mentioned, the Wii Shop Channel has been shut down. The only way you'd be able to redeem that code is by buying or borrowing a Wii U and playing it that way. Unfortunately you'll need to track down a disk version if you wish to stick with your Wii.

As for the code, you could try gifting it to someone with a Wii U or funding some of your physical Skyward Sword purchase by selling it.

I'd like to end that while Skyward Sword does have some valid criticisms out there, it very much is an excellent game worth playing. I've been through it twice (both Normal and Hero Mode), but it's been a few years since my last playthrough.

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Looks like your out of luck. The digital version of Skyward Sword was only released for Wii U. In fact, most if not all Wii games sold physically was never released digitally on Nintendo Wii, just a select few for Wii U. You will have to buy a Wii U. Your best bet is to let your mother know you cannot play your game on Wii, and perhaps if she is kind enough and understand your predicament, she will compromise with you to get a Wii U. I should also note, you will need a Wii Motion Plus adapter or built-in controller to play Skyward Sword. I don't know what reviews you read, but the information you provided was outright inaccurate. Even when the Wii Shop was open, Nintendo never released any on-disc Wii games digitally.


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