Topic: Sended an e-mail about Earthbound to Nintendo of America.

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They told you more than they told me. Hotmail is blocked at work, when I get home I will copy and paste what they replied to me if I still have it



I got almost that exact same response for the Email I recently sent to Namco Bandai.



Super+Smash+Bros wrote:

@ AlexSays: The responce they gave me proves that it does have some sort of significants in it, even if it's not the most important message they've received.


A quickly generated response that a customer service rep handled on their own?

Your email never even made it to anyone that has a say in the matter.

Don't be deluded into thinking your single email asking for a game, which they get on a regular basis, made any sort of difference.

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Super+Smash+Bros wrote:

BTW, who is Shane O'Neil?

One of many names they stick at the end of their standardized replies to make dim people think an actual human being took time to answer their email.



Yeah, I think I remember asking something about Jet Force Gemini...I remember that message now that I think about it. So EarthBound will most likely not happen, but I will still hope for it though.

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Here is what I got back from them in January.


It's great to hear from the many fans excited about the Virtual Console! So many of you have contacted Nintendo regarding the games you would love to see added. While we appreciate your excitement and support, decisions regarding which games will be made available come from several different companies and are influenced by a variety of factors apart from consumer suggestions.

For more details about the Virtual Console, including an updated list of available software titles, check out the following web page:

New Virtual Console titles should continue to be released weekly across all systems, so there's hope that the title you're looking for will eventually appear. Keep checking our website ( for updates!


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Nintendo of America Inc.

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From: umm_turtle&#...
Received: 1/12/09 1:14:16 AM PST
To: nintendo@n&#...
Subject: Webform: Wii > Other

I love the virtual console, but would love to see earthbound for the snes be put up on it. many of my friends want it and have been waiting forever to play it. i personally dont want to pay 80 or more dollars for it on ebay thanks nintendo, big fan


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Sean+Aaron wrote:

What did someone at Nintendo tell you that?

Well, someone who knows someone at Nintendo, but I trust him. Supposedly, they're looking to either mess with the game to make the lawyers happy for a VC release or remake the game, but they're not sure if the demand's high enough to be worth the effort. Morons...

Real people DO write the replies, actually. I received a phone call from a Nintendo rep who had previously answered some of my e-mails a few months ago. Same guy, same name. Now, they probably usually just edit a standard form to fit the circumstance, but they DO have real people doing it.

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JTCPingas09 wrote:

That response Nintendo gave you was a canned response. Anyone who sends an e-mail mentioning EarthBound will get that message in those exact words.

Yep, a pure copy/paste response. >.>


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