Topic: Rygar and Ninja Gaiden coming to VC.

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Heard this over at WiiNintendo. They say these have been rated.

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Ninja Gaiden...? The Master System version, I assume? I had to look it up because I have only ever heard of the NES games (excluding the current generation series, which obviously is not what you were referring to).

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Yea...Ninja Gaiden? Wasn't that released two years ago?



My guess it could be the Ninja Gaiden Arcade for the VC

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I hope it's the arcade version... not that I know a whole lot about it, but I've heard it's much better than the home ports, and I've been looking for an excuse to finally download something from the Arcade category, which has been consistently disappointing thus far (not even the original Donkey Kong? Why hold out on Nintendo's own early arcade gems? ).

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It's the VCA version for both games. Rygar I didn't expect as much. Both are by Tecmo.
Still waiting to hear a Namco VCA game get rated...



or maybe the SNES trilogy



rustythekid wrote:

or maybe the SNES trilogy

I'm pretty sure that won't be released, either. Much like Super Mario All Stars it wouldn't make much sense.

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Rygar on VCA is the one thing I really want from Tecmo. That would really be excellent!

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After watching videos of both games, think I might get Ninja Gaiden VCA. Could use another beat-em-up.



I am psyched! Seriously hope they both come to the US, but i'll settle for Rygar; love the arcade version (and love the NES version too, for that matter).

@warioswoods: The arcade version of Ninja Gaiden isn't necessarily better than the NES version, just different. Think more Double Dragon-ish, less "If i get hit by one of those flying eagle things when i'm jumping one more time ... $!#@^@!!" Great game. I know the arcade version was ported to the Atari Lynx, not sure if any other consoles/handhelds got a port of the arcade version.

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