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My wii is having problems reading the dual layer disc Super Smash Bros. Brawl, I know about older wii's not being able to read dual layers when the lense/laser is so dirty it's like it hasn't been cleaned in over 6 years (my wii is over 6 years old btw) but after cleaning it slightly it has managed to read dual layer disc's such as Mario Kart and Wii Party. But it always FAILS to read BRAWL.

I started with one disc at lasted about 4 years, then hade the "Game disc can't be read" error, so we got a knew disc, then that failed last week and we got another disc, that broke instantly.

My wii can read dual layer disc's and it's lenses are FINE. It just fails to read brawl, no matter which disc ( the two more recent discs ) I input into the Wii. I have tried cleaning both discs, but that didn't help. I tried cleaning the lenses, that only helped with my other dual layered discs and NOT brawl, and I don't think we have the Wii Operations Manual after 6 years or longer...

Can anyone help me?



Mario Kart and Wii Party are not Dual Layer games.

The only ones I recall that are are Metroid Other M, Prime Trilogy, and Brawl.

It might not be too hard to swap out the laser yourself. I fixed my Wii a few years back swapping out the part myself.

Back in the day Nintendo was very good about helping with this issue so contacting them is a good idea.



Xenoblade Chronicles, Sakura Wars: So Long My Love, and Samurai Warriors 3 are Dual Layer as well.

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I think the Last Story is dual layer too. I had to wait on that and Xenoblade until I had a Wii U. My Wii sometimes managed to read TLS, and when it actually succeeded it could read the disc fine for hours, it was the booting up that caused issues.

I will comment in this thread, never being able to find it again.


I had this problem as well. If I ever want to play Brawl again, I'll probably just have to start a file from scratch, as I probably won't get it again until it's on Virtual Console (which is inevitable).

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I had the exact same problem, it revvs up but can't boot it, i did so love the sub-space storline but could only play it every now and again.


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