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With SNES games, you could open the box at one end and slide the inner packaging out slightly to get the game. with Saturn games, you would have to pull the whole case out to be able to open it to get the game.

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I don't mean just the game (it was NiGHTS btw), I mean the console too! I had to sneak it all back to the attic. I was lucky because my folks left the wrapping til Christmas eve.

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for me its a tie kirbys adventure, super star
lease favorite is tied kirby 64, airride, the problem i have with 64 they removed around 60% of powers for combo powers that feel less fun, and air ride was a joke to kirby fans

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My fav Kirby game is probably Amazing Mirror. Excellent design and gameplay.
Least fav is Dreamland 3, as its gameplay is too bland.

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