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Are we ever gonna see Killer Instinct on the Virtual Console? its very un likely we will ever see it on the Virtual Console. i heard theres a rumour that it could be coming out for Xbox Live Arcade. i really do miss Killer instinct it was one of my favourite games on the super nintendo and i had great memories when i played this game.Do you remember playing this Game back in the 90s?

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FULGORE and GLACIUS were an awwwwemsome combo!

Yeah, I have all 3 KI Games!

I would download them all again! Especially VCA versions of KI and KI2.

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Since Rare owns the series and Micosoft owns Rare now, we won't be seeing them on the VC. I do remember the original being a shallow but fun fighter.

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Yes, I'd like to see the series return again. If it ever gets released on XBox 360, I'd get it.

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PPPLLLLLLLEEEEEEAAAAAAASSSSSSEEEEEEEEE! Rare, Microsoft, and Nintendo please work out your issues to give us KI, Goldeneye, and Conker!

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