Topic: Is Alien Crush as fun as Devil's Crush?

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I'm hooked on Devil's Crush and really thinking about purchasing the prequel. Any advice?



There both just as fun, but I think Devil's Crush has a few more boards and bonus stages. Honestly for 600 points I would go for it. Also the Wii Ware version is very good too.

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Well, I think Alien Crush is decent, but not nearly as good as DC. The ballphysics are better in AC though, but it isn´t as actionpacked as its sequel and the screen doesn´t scroll between the two tables. Because of the screenswitching it is sometimes hard to follow your ball.

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I prefer the TG16 Alien Crush over the Wiiware version, but it really isn't as classic as Devi's Crush.

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Devil's Crush definitely pulls out the stops, but Alien Crush is the original and should be checked out.

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