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With Lucasarts now pledging their support to the vc, I would really like to see this N64 game released. The question I ask is whether any of you have played this? I know it was released late in the 64's life and received a US only release and that was limited to Blockbusters stores.
So I would deem this a worthy release in Europe.



The only way it would happen is if Nintendo published it themselves.

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It was a pretty decent indy game. I don't even think you could buy it in stores originally. It was a blockbuster exclusive. You could only rent it at blockbuster video. I found the cartridge used in a game store once and bought it. Later on I got bored with it because I could never figure out how to beat the last stage. The one where your swimming but it's like in mid air or something. I can't remember what that place was called. I'd actually like indy's greatest adventures on snes more than Infernal machine.

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I've never played greatest andventures but i've just checked out a video of it and it does look good!
I think my passion for the infernal machine comes from waiting for it to be released in the UK back in 2001 then being told it was US only! I was gutted at the time.


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