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Machu: 1, NMH is not a virtual console game. 2, I don't think any of the imports have been NA->EU yet, have they? In any case, it was censored to avoid being rated in whatever the BBFC/PEGI equivalent of the ESRB's AO is. If you want to complain about that, complain to the ratings board, not the manufacturer. Heck, it was censored likewise in Japan, where it was developed. Manhunt 2 was censored everywhere because it had been given an AO rating. 3, likewise, Muscle March is not a VC game.

Personally, gotta pick MG/MG2SS. They already released them on disk two of Subsistence, so they have most of the legal and translation problems worked out.

I doubt the service can handle it, but IDOLM@STER would be five kinds of awesome on VCA, if solely for the 'what the hell is this shit' reactions to rival Cho Aniki. It's like Pokemon. With little girls. Doshin the Giant (N64DD) would also be interesting.

Not sure if SMT was released stateside, chuck that in the SNES pile. Neon Genesis Evangelion (N64), have no idea if it's any good or not but looks interesting nonetheless.



Loved the Neon Genesis Evangelion Anime, so I'd at least be interested if any of the games were ever released here.




Snow Brothers 2



Mega Man: The Wily Wars. Now some of you guys will argue with me, since this game was release in Europe, however, outside of the Sega Channel, North American never got the oppertunity to play this game. If they want to play it, they either have to import a Japanese or European Sega Genesis and a copies of it, or get it illegally (By ROMs), the latter is a no-no (You might get in trouble). Now with the Virtual Console, this is the best chance that NOA have to get this game finally released in North America. If Bomberman'94 for the Turbografx-16 and Gley Lancer for the Sega Genesis can appear on the Virtual Console, why not this game? Beside, Golden Axe III was only released in the Sega Channel in North America and not at all in Europe and it still made it's way to the Virtual Console. Beside, this remake actually seems like it's worth it! 800 points for three classic Mega Man games, with some bonus in it!

I also want to see Dragonball Z: Buu Yuu Retsuden for the Sega Genesis. This may suggest Dragonball fanboyism and I understand due to licensing issues (Every game with something license related on it can't be on the Virtual Console? That's total ********!), but so? It looks like a good game to play and I don't want to import both a Japanese Sega Genesis and this game or illegally download it via ROMs.


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Every game with something license related on it can't be on the Virtual Console? That's total ********!),

Not every game but those which can get released on Virtual Console are few and far between. It all depends on whether the company still has the license of games they made many years ago (TMNT) or if there is enough interest to warrant aquiring the license again (Nintendo America tried to get GoldenEye 007 but was met with some resistance).

You mentioned Dragon Ball Z on the Genesis. There should not be a problem with getting this game on the Virtual Console. Bandai published the Dragon Ball Z games way back when and are still publishing Dragon Ball Z games in the present. But whether they actually want to do so is another matter.

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I would like to see all of the Fire Emblem games, if possible.

This is also completely off-topic, but I would also love to see Metal Wolf Chaos. I might buy myself an entire system just to play that game.


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