Topic: Best HD / component cables for Wii to Framemeister?

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I've been using some "React" branded component cables for linking my Wii (also used as a gamecube) to my Framemeister to my HD tv.

I've been having some serious image issues recently. I suspect the cables are crap. The picture disappears when loading wii home menu, sometimes appears/disappears. Basically the wii is useless in this manner. If i connect the cables directly to the TV, same problem (So its either the cables, or the tv).

By pure "jedi guesswork", i can use the wiimote to navigate to Gamecube...and then, after the resolution switches over to Gamecube, it works mostly fine, stable.

When i had a similar problem with ps2>framemeister, i fixed it with quality cables.

So--recommendations for better cables (specific brands, etc) for fixing this?
Or other suggestions welcome too.




i am taking nobody knows a solution/?



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