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I'm looking for some "new" baseball games and I'm wondering what's out there for Wii. I know of a couple. The Baseball in Wii Sports is fun to play in short bursts of course, and then there's MLB Power Pros by Konami. To my knowledge, it's the only installment of the "Power Pro" series to get localized. There's also Baseball on Virtual Console, which the Nintendolife review doesn't do justice at all. NES Baseball is fun!

I'm hoping to find more baseball games in similar vein as the ones mentioned: fun, videogamey baseball games, nothing too serious or simulationey. Any suggestions? Wii disc, Virtual Console, WiiWare, it's all good.

Oh, there's also Super Mario Sluggers, but I don't really care for Mario sports games.

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I highly suggest Baseball Stars 2 on the VC. It's a Neo Geo VC game so you will need a CC or CCpro but it's one of the best baseball games ever.

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@Tasuki Thanks for the suggestion! The play area seems to be slightly too "close" or "zoomed in", but otherwise it looks good. I've been meaning to check out the Wii Virtual Console's Neo Geo selection to see if there are any non-fighting gems in there. I have an authentic Nintendo Classic Controller Pro and it's great so using it is no problem.



Baseball Stars 2 is also on the Wii compilation disc SNK Arcade Classics Vol. 1 along with other NEO GEO games. The other NEO GEO Wii VC baseball game 2020 Super Baseball is not on the compilation. The Wii VC also has HUDSON SOFT's Turbografx World Class Baseball for 600 Wii Points. Or you could try JALECO's classic NES title Bases Loaded for 500 Wii Points.

As for modern Baseball games the Wii has The Bigs and The Bigs 2 by EA as well as several games in the Major League Baseball 2K series by 2K Sports from 2008 - 2012.

If you like J-Baseball there was Konami's MLB Power Pros 2008 and Activision's Little League World Series Baseball 2008 + Little League World Series Baseball 2009 - Double Play, a compilation with two games that you can also get separately.

You like NES Baseball but you don't like Mario Supper Sluggers? I'm still bitter it wasn't released in EU.

As for other Baseball games I know for Wii:

Backyard Baseball '09 (Atari)
Backyard Baseball '10 (Atari)
Backyard Sports: Sandlot Sluggers (Atari)
Baseball Blast! (2K Sports)
nickelodeon Nicktoons MLB (2K Sports)

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Thanks for the detailed answer! I didn't even know most of those. Most of those didn't even turn up in Google searches when I tried to search for "Wii baseball games" and such. (Baseball from Wii Sports comes up a lot instead.)

I recently learned of the SNK compilation too, and I've been trying to track it down, but it seems to be pretty rare.



I need to pick up a copy of Power Pro 2008 some time. It looks like my kind of baseball game. It does not take itself too seriously, but neither does it get into the silliness of Mario Sluggers (I don't like Piranha plants trying to eat the baseball).



MLB Power Pros is great, very fun and with a lot of options. And the story mode is hilarious. I definitely recommend it.



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