Topic: Anyone want to see 'uncensored' VC releases?

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Now, just to be clear, I'm not talking about chucking Custer's Revenge up there. I mean versions of classic NES/SNES games, from back in the days before the ESRB, where NOA had very restrictive content policies. The rules about not being able to 'feature nudity, sexuality, profanity (including racism, sexism or slurs), blood, graphic or domestic violence, drugs, political messages or religious symbols (with the exception of widely unpracticed religions, such as the Greek Pantheon)' (from wiki), largely responsible for things like images of crucifixes being replaced with other symbols and the like.

Would there be any interest in seeing games like this brought back in their original forms, somewhat like the imported games selection?



This is one of those things that would require a great amount of work for Nintendo, and probably mess with quite a few memories for people who like their classic games to remain the way they were.

Personally? I'd LOVE it. Some games that could definitely use uncensoring would be Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, Earthbound, Bionic Commando and many more. Mostly RPG's, since much text was changed to suit NOA's standards. Just think....the original title names (Life Force would be Salamander, Earthbound would be Mother 2, etc), the violence (Mortal Kombat, anyone?), and the sex (the strippers from Final Fantasy). Maybe we'd even have re-written scripting and a "holy cross" instead of a "boomerang"!

Unfortunately, if we truly want to play these games uncut, we're all either going to have to learn Japanese (and import the games), or deal with what we get. I simply don't see Nintendo going through the motions of doing something this spectacularly cool when many people out there don't know or don't care about NoA's previous censorship policies. I'd love to be wrong, though!

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Well, actually, I am learning Japanese, classic video games being a (fairly minor, admittedly) reason. I'm not so much talking about relocalization, though, that has it's purposes, even if most games were horribly screwed by it. Just undoing the changes done for purposes of censorship.

I would still like to see the MGS3S versions of MG/MG2SS on the NAVC, but I don't expect it.



@ feba

Those 2 on NAVC would be the best thing to happen since my son's birth.

Also, I've had an interest in learning Japanese since practically childhood, but can't afford the schooling it would take at present. Are you in college, or learning on your own?

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I'm learning on my own at the moment, although I do plan to study at a college eventually. You'd be amazed how many free resources there are out there for studying languages, a bit of googling will get you very far.



@feba is a pretty cool resource, though beyond the demo it's not free. I played it for awhile and learned the basic alphabets, but it doesn't have sound clips (or at least it didn't then). Still, probably a good supplement to your studies -- and fun. I'm hoping to find time to take a couple classes while in grad school, though I'm sure it'll be a lot harder than French and Spanish were, for obvious reasons.

Back when Mother 3 was released, I started looking for resources because I was determined to play the game even if it meant learning a very foreign language solely for that purpose. Of course, I didn't end up going through with it, but we have a fan translation now, so who cares?

I don't mind censorship, generally. I would not be against uncensored versions, though, were Nintendo ever to go this route.

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I can't see them going back on themselves to release the uncensored versions when its simple to just release the original censored versions of the game.

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Bowser did something that looked like a middle-finger gesture.

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It was Bowser but it wasn't a middle finger gesture, apparently in Italy it means that though. I would post a screencap from an article I read about Nintendo censorship but I suspect the moderators wouldn't look too kindly on that due to the connotations that the gesture has.



here's the article that shows some of the censored things, (hey, it's an informative article, and a lot of the edits were pretty silly IMO) including the SMRPG gesture (you kinda have to zoom in to see it, but I see why they changed it, lol). also, didn't they censor Croco calling Mario a 'persistent bugger' from SMRPG for its EU release? I'm pretty sure I read that somewhere.

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