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For nintendo to release Mother (Earthbound Zero) or Mother 2 (Earthbound) on VC 7/27/09. While they have been neglecting the series the thing is 7/27 is Mother's 20th anniversary. So this topic is for random hope that will be answered in a few hours.



I'm just not sure if we're ever going to see Earthbound released on the VC, and there's even less chance of the original making an appearance outside of Japan.

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wow really? Im not sure if that is true, but if it is, Im suprised people have not made a bigger deal out of this
edit looked it up. It is. I dont know maybe there is a chance

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I would love to see Earthbound hit the VC, because I know so many of its fans want it. We'll know here in about half an hour.

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I've pretty much given up on seeing Earthbound on the VC so I started playing via an emulator and I can see why people rave on about it, it's a class game so far. If it ever does end up on the VC I will happily buy it but until then I'll stick to my ROM.


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