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I was just wondering which would be more worth it at their current price? Rayman Legends and Konami Krazy Karts + Upgrading 1080 Snowboarding (N64) and Ninja Gaiden II (NES)


Purchasing Persona Q for the 3DS? I'm a much bigger fan of RPG's, but I'd like to add to my somewhat small retail collection on my Wii U, plus I'm not sure how often each of the two sale items "Rayman Legends and Persona Q" actually go on-sale and what their standard sale price normally is.

I would post this in one of the various video game suggestions threads, but all of them are for a specific console or retro so therefore a multi-console current-gen suggestion wouldn't quite apply to any of the existing threads...

Anyways thanks in advance!

@TingLz @Waluigi @Morpheel feel free to turn this into a general games suggestions thread and move it to the general discussions section if you'd like.

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You can use the existing suggestions threads of you'd like. Asking for opinions in the games' own threads is also a good idea.

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