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Troll topic, smh

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bimmy-lee wrote:

I’ll tell you what’s garbage, my NES. It has zero forward compatibility. NONE! So greedy. The magicalnes is def less macigalnesy after realizing this. I thought Nintendo was like a benevolent fairy godmother, but it turns out they just want my parents money!

It has no backwards compatibility either...

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You can't play any of your Color TV-Game games on the NES


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Galarian_Lassie wrote:

You just killed the Wii U by posting this
An ambulance is coming

Lol, I chuckled immensely

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@LzWinky - More greed! At least now I know why my 2600 carts won’t play in my NES.

limby-bee was a jerk.

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Hating on WiiU is old hat now, just like hating on the Star Wars prequels. At this point it gets you no internet points, even if you're 14 and playing Fortnite on PS4.

Move onto something hip like hating GoT season 8. That's where the real internet points are. And it's a wise investment because there's still a few episodes in the season. It makes you seem slightly less pathetic hating on something everyone is currently hating. Slightly.

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iLikeUrAttitude wrote:

If we could just:
-A proper virtual console on the switch
-local back ups saves
-Xenoblade Chronicles X
-Tokyo Mirage Sessions
And other improvements to the Switch online then there would be absolutely no reason to own a Wii U, unless you want to emulate it

Delightfully short sighted - - a similarly insipid notion would be to say Wii should have deleted the Gamecube from any relevancy. Or indeed a system with backwards compatibility gets to supplant its predecessor.

A few missteps in marketing and portability were almost surely to blame rather than inherent flaws in the playable content. The games exist in almost equal state regardless of platform. In fact a more correct view is to acknowledge the earlier system for being included almost whole sale in Nintendo's planned evolution. Had they been unable to reverse engineer (or clone wholesale) their own tech, Nintendo would have been irreversibly displaced by that console generation.

I see two sides of the same coin - but it was precisely due to the genius of Wii U that Nintendo had to double down with essentially a re-release in order to deliver on their vision of handheld gaming.

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I'll be short and concise with this one.

Some system design flaws and poor marketing? Yes.

Home of a decent Virtual Console, eshop, backwards compatibility with Wii games, the original home of some games that have been ported to the Switch, and still home to some wonderful exclusives? Yes.

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I think the Wii U was a good idea undermined by Nintendo. I would say that the console was horribly marketed, but that would suggest that it was actually marketed. I thought the games were great, but that, the marketing failure notwithstanding, Nintendo didn't think it out clearly enough.

1. As another person mentioned, how can you have a game console with an unreplaceable controller? I use my Pro controller and Wii controllers as much as possible, to preserve my GamePads (yes, I have several) for lifelong use.
2. The GamePad's laughable lack of WiFi range largely eliminated the off-TV feature, which was a primary selling point.
3. Nintendo made next to no effort to play up the asynchronous game-play angle. The console should have released with a couple of games that wowed in this regard, the same way Wii Sports demonstrated the Wii's primary feature. The Wii, the 3DS and the Switch all had that, "Wow, you've got to try this," factor. The Wii U could have had it, but Nintendo didn't promote it.
4. The launch lineup was awful. Nintendo went to sleep on home-console releases for nearly two years at the end of the Wii's cycle but didn't utilize that time to launch the Wii U with a must-have set of first-party gems. Launching with Super Mario Maker would have attracted attention and showed off the GamePad's utility.
5. I know this is a rehash of the marketing point, but Nintendo announced the console and then went into radio silence while the Internet slammed the console mercilessly in the months ahead of its launch. The console was dead in the water before it even hit the stores. Mr. Iwata belongs among the pantheon of gaming personalities, but the Wii U suffered from its parent's lack of a true businessman at the helm, someone who could have insisted on perfecting the hardware and marketing it as a must-have item.

All that said, I think years from now, outside of the context of the PS4 and the Xbox, and outside of the twin shadows of the Wii and Switch, people will look at this console and its library more favorably. There were so many great games packed into a small lifetime.

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This thread is garbage and needs to be sent to the internet landfill lol.

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@LetsGoSwitch you can’t play SNES, GBA, N64 and DS games on Switch - which I play a lot on my Wii U.

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NintendoByNature wrote:

Gotta be honest.. Was really hoping for a @morpheel " that's great, but let's continue this in the 'X thread'" with a big ol LOCK!!!

The “X thread” is usually old, and if you posted in that first, you know you would get it locked for necromancy even if you did have something relevant to say to continue discussion.

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TowaHerschel7 wrote:

This thread is garbage and needs to be sent to the internet landfill lol.

Call Yuna to send this thread to Farplane.

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The Wii U is garbage?? Does anyone who's not being sarcastic or has bought/played a worse system actually believe that? True it lacked a huge offering of 3rd party AAA titles but it had a few. And i liked 3D World just as much as i liked Odyssey. And don't forget your calling the Wii garbage too. As the Wii U was a Wii also and the only system i owned that would play Wii games. Was it one of Nintendos' least successful systems yes, but garbage i wouldn't go that far. The closest thing to garbage that Nintendo has released was the Virtual Boy. And i enjoyed the Virtual Boy for the half hours at a time i could play it.(any longer and i got headaches) I defiantly got a better value/joy out of it than i did my Sega 32X (30 games released) or Sega CD (same as Wii U about 200 games).

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@Bass_X0 I barely remember recent topics, and you want me to recommend dead ones?


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@BlueOcean There is actually a good amount of things you can do without the Gamepad. My gamepad is dead most of the time and I navigate things with my Pro Controller.

But yeah, Wii U is a disappointment all around. It's got a few good games and makes a great virtual console though.



I think we need to start a proper flame war. Paging @SLIGEA.....nevermind....

@R_Champ Annakin's annoying. Droidbots are stupid! The traders are racist! Midichloreans! Something, something, it's 1998!



Wii are still annoyed by U

Nice >:]

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