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The Wii u is a frustrating piece of crap. I love Nintendo and have for a long time but the Wii u has dimmed my respect for them. It is a greedy system that is frustrating and infuriating. 1. You can't transfer things from console to console, well you can but it has to be everything you can't just do one thing, this is dumb. I had so much F*#ing trouble with this. I wanted to transfer my Nintendo network I'd of my parents Wii u on to my own so that I could keep my things but no I can't without taking everything else. Also you need an SD card to do so you can't just do it online you know like most consoles (*cough PS4 cough Xbox). can't buy game pads separately, why because Nintendo said so. This sucks cause if your Wii u game pad breaks you have to buy a whole new system or you could have it fixed which is the same price just about. Also if your Wii pad stays dead for an excessive amount of time it just breaks this is warned when you buy it so why they didn't think to fix that is beyond me. 3. (The little things) these things are not big enough to say a lot on so here we go. No Hulu sorry, want to login to YouTube can't just do it on the system you know like other consoles can (COUGH), you need so many different attachments and other controllers with everything for no reason. Like the classical controller which is just a NORMAL CONTROLLER except it works for classical games. Lastly remember how the Wii was also basically a GameCube as well that was awesome and cool of Nintendo, it even could use GameCube controllers. The Wii u on the other hand the GameCube doesn't exist not even as downloadable games, yet they have as far back as 64 and SNES. I have loved Nintendo for a long time but this Wii u disappoints me and a little bit of the magicalness of my love for Nintendo died because of it. I always wanted to believe that Nintendo wasn't like Microsoft or Sony, just corporate trying to make as much money as they can without any care for gamers, the love of games and the whole point of games are for fun. I always loved Nintendo for being like us gamers, fun games, friendly, and not greedy at the expense of quality, but the Wii u has said the opposite I hope that if I ever get a switch it is different.



There are some typos please forgive did this on a phone and it was a little janky but I think it ok enough that anyone will understand what it means.



I Love my Wii U just the way it is, despite its flaw.
I can use my Wii U for playing my Wii games, browsing internet, watching Youtube at least.

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You just killed the Wii U by posting this
An ambulance is coming

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I think everyone agrees that the Wii U is not the best idea Nintendo has come up with. Just buy a switch though, half the good Wii U games are already on or coming to the switch.

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I love my Wii U but I agree with the OP about a few things, mostly that the system forces users to navigate the OS and apps with the GamePad and lack of native GameCube compatibility unless soft-modded. However, I believe that Nintendo is much greedier and disappointing if we think about software, services and pricing in the Switch area than ever before and the Switch is basically a portable Wii U with overpriced ports and accessories and some but not many interesting exclusive games.

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Oh hey, another pointless bashing thread. Good thing I learned my lesson about those.

Own up to Joy-Con Drift, Nintendo. We all know it's your fault


I love the Wii u it’s one of my best consoles but agree with the op it just doesn’t play my PlayStation 2 games

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@1UP_MARIO It doesn't even play Dreamcast games. Come ON, Nintendo...

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But in all honesty, I like the Wii U. I still have mine hooked up for Wii and Wii U games, as well as a plethora of my Virtual Console games. I recognize its flaws, but it is a handy system for me to have.

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@BlueOcean the only system app that absolutely requires the gamepad is the settings app.

The home menu and everything else can be controller with wii remotes or pro controllers.

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I lost at least 7 brain cells reading this.

Nice >:]

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@Morpheel I am well aware of that but do not ignore the network and system errors, you need the GamePad to bypass them. It doesn't matter if you are online, you'll still get network errors. Try playing Xenoblade Chronicles X today, updated or not. Nintendo should have updated the OS to avoid these issues and set up an alternative settings menu that doesn't require the GamePad.



Nintendo is still greedy with the Wii U? Shame on them!

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I’ll tell you what’s garbage, my NES. It has zero forward compatibility. NONE! So greedy. The magicalnes is def less macigalnesy after realizing this. I thought Nintendo was like a benevolent fairy godmother, but it turns out they just want my parents money!

limby-bee was a jerk.

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I was almost an extremist when the Switch arrived on the market.
I was doing proselytizing "because the Switch is the best system ever blahblahblah and the Wii U was a crap blahblahblah" and I must say that I sing a different tune today.

I objectively prefer the Wii U over the Switch.
I even think that I was a morron to bash the Wii U just like that, for free.

The Wii U has flaws that's for sure, but in the end, less than the Switch to my eyes.

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Gotta be honest.. Was really hoping for a @morpheel " that's great, but let's continue this in the 'X thread'" with a big ol LOCK!!!



If we could just:
-A proper virtual console on the switch
-local back ups saves
-Xenoblade Chronicles X
-Tokyo Mirage Sessions
And other improvements to the Switch online then there would be absolutely no reason to own a Wii U, unless you want to emulate it

Good... good
Now play Dragon Quest

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