Topic: Can I still transfer Wii data to a Wii U?

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Saying I got a wii u after the eshop shutdown would I still be able to transfer data from a wii???

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@Falling2918 A vague thread title like "question" can get ignored. You may want to edit your post/title to attract the attention you're looking for. Like, "can I still transfer Wii data to a Wii U?".

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Or, you can ask Nintendo support via their contact page, if you don't get answers here. They have a chat messenger & phone line.

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I think so, yeah. You can still download the transfer app on the Wii even though the Wii shop is otherwise defunct, and the app is pre-installed on the Wii U.

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@Falling2918 Hi there, as @WoomyNNYes mentioned please try to avoid posting threads with vague topic titles. This just helps keep things clear & easy to navigate. I have amended this one for you




This reminds me I should test if it’s still possible to transfer DSiWare from a DSi to a 3DS

Edit: ok yes that still works

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Nintendo confirmed a while ago that Wii to Wii U transfers would remain available.


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