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I don't know why they bothered creating more communities for new games considering it's a bit over a month away from shutting down...

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Just Dance 2018 will be the last retail game with Miiverse function and maybe if there are new games this thursday on eshop. Also I don´t know for 3DS which could be the last game to use Miiverse.

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Very sad! I had alot of fun on Miiverse.. and in a way that app was the only recete you had for beinga loyal Nintendo fan.

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Got my email to download my miiverse post history on 11-24

You can only download it until the end of the year.

Kind of lame you can't see who yeahs your posts or reply's to your posts but I guess for some that would have gotten out of hand.

Nice to have something left over from miiverse I guess. I don't think I ever used it on 3DS and if I did it's too late to request a download of that now.



@blaisedinsd Pretty sure the request covered all requests made on your account, so if your 3DS was linked to the same account you'd have got those too.

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I wish the icon would be removed from the menu screen.

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Meowpheel wrote:

I hope they'll at least have the decency to completely remove the Miiverse icon from the home menus instead of leaving it there hanging like a necrotic dead limb.

This quote still resonates with me.

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When Miiverse first disappeared my kids thought the Wii U had lost internet connectivity and were trying to get it set up again.

It is so sad booting up the Wii U and seeing the generic menu screen instead of Miiverse posts and what games are being used. It was one of my favorite parts of the Wii U.



@JohnBlackstar I am feeling with you. I feel the same sadness every time I start a game. The WiiU might have had some flaws, but Miiverse interaction was a great thing. Seeing funny comments in the plaza and random comments in games gave you a sensation that you are playing the game with a lot of people.

I am still disappointed of Nintendo. This ending was way too early. Especially without a substitution for unique games like Mario Maker...

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I've been missing the random Miiverse comments on my Wii U's home menu lately. I rarely used the service, but I much prefer the neat, random comments and pieces of art over the generic messages that are built in.

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After seeing Amazon's top 10 games sold in 2017 and LOZ BOTW Wii U edition coming in 10th place in a list that compiles all systems I feel that Nintendo jumped the gun on killing Miiverse. There are still a ton of loyal Wii U users out there. They should have at least implemented the Switch network before dismantling Miiverse

I understand that Nintendo has already completely stopped Wii U retail sales and has nothing to gain from keeping the service going, but it does feel like a slap in the face for us that have been loyal through the Wii U years. Not to mention 3DS users who were still using it. I think it would have lived longer if the service had been more popular in Japan.



@JohnBlackstar It still is a sick move from Nintendo. By having games like Mario Maker that rely heavily on Miiverse usage, the closing of Miiverse shows Nintendo's ugly face. The WiiU isn't dead since there are a lot of people especially kids that have fun playing Nintendo Land, Yoshi's Wolly World and other things, but they don't bring more money to Nintendo...


My miiverse icon still blinks at me every time I boot up... an eternal notification allowing me to believe there are still people out there 'yeah'-ing my lame posts...


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What better way to celebrate than firing something out of the pipe?

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I turned that light off as soon as I could.

I kinda wish I had left it there. To keep company to my unread swapnote notification.

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