Topic: Miiverse Is Officially Coming to an End

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Miiverse Service Discontinuation FAQ (North America):

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Wonder if this will negatively impact Mario Maker. If it does, I wonder whether we'll see a Switch port with an in-game posting system like in Splatoon 2. Never used it much beyond Mario Maker and Splatoon but it's still sad to see it go as it's prominent on 3DS as well.

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The end of an era. I'll miss being able to take screenshots.

They should at least leave it around on the 3DS. Or something.

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Welp aside from this website, miiverse is my only foray into being social. Ah well back to being a hermit for me!

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I can understand closing up the Wii U side of Miiverse, but they should've of at least waited a couple years before axing the service on 3DS as well. I hope the 3DS gets a screenshot feature through an update before then.


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GoldenGamer88 wrote:

Wonder if this will negatively impact Mario Maker.

Possible that the website will become read only, allowing us to play older MM levels.

Ryu_Niiyama wrote:

Ah well back to being a hermit for me!

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I hope they'll at least have the decency to completely remove the Miiverse icon from the home menus instead of leaving it there hanging like a necrotic dead limb.

I mean, that's how it was on the 3DS before. They definitely can do it.


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It is very sad. I hope this last many more years in NoA and NoE.

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This genuinely makes me sad. It's like the only attempt at new age social media that wasn't actively and consistently used as a tool to be an awful human being.

It was just a goofy place to wonder how Metroid can crawl or decide on your squidkid orientation or animu drawings on the Youtube page.

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Is it just for the Wii U or are they discontinuing it on the 3DS as well?

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I saw this coming, but this is absolutely terrible. Granted, it's not perfect or anything, but I liked Miiverse very much. That feature is one of the many things that got me to socialize with many others in a friendly and more comfy manner, and is another reason why I liked Splatoon and Super Mario Maker so much (as well as Wii U and 3DS, but...why the latter? It still has a few more years to go in terms of games). Seeing drawings, seeing posts of a player's accomplishment, and being in a game-centric community that actually made me feel all the more comfy talking about games without being fed up with other "users" that flamed/trolled at every turn. Sure, Miiverse wasn't fully devoid of those, but compared to other gaming community sites on the web in my experience, it felt like a vacation get away from all that. I was disappointed to see it nowhere in sight on the Switch and to me, posting one of my screenshots on Facebook just isn't the same. I posted one of the screenshots from Super Bomberman R, showing my death-less results screen for a world, and it just doesn't have the same satisfaction for me, especially since the majority of my family members either didn't care or had no idea what I was gabbing about (and it always makes me embarrassed for my family members to see me talk about a game, whether it's a kid-friendly or super-violent game). Regardless of its flaws, Miiverse will be missed and it will remain a huge part of my life within the heart.

R.I.P. Miiverse. 2012 - 2017

I wonder how I'm going to find those followers of mine on Facebook or whatever...



Hmm, does this mean we also can't message other Wii U users? I suppose there are always some alternative social media platforms to communicate with, to be fair.

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The two games were I've enjoyed Miiverse are Splatoon and Super Mario Maker. I'm currently finishing up Splatoon, getting ready for Splatoon 2, but this is sad for SMM.



I never understood the point in Miiverse. Why not just use facebook or twitter that most of us already have and like they will do on switch? Moreover some claimed that it could take marketshare from those two sites back then.

In the end of the day I only used it on Mario Maker (I don't think I have any other game that it plays a crucial role)



I genuinely think Miiverse helped me grow as a person. It was a safe, friendly space filled with people playing all the games I was playing, where I felt comfortable coming out from under my rock. I learned to enjoy sharing my experiences and creativity with like-minded people, and most of my online presence - as small as it still is - grew from there. The rest of the internet still feels a bit hostile by comparison.

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belmont wrote:

I never understood the point in Miiverse. Why not just use facebook or twitter that most of us already have and like they will do on switch? Moreover some claimed that it could take marketshare from those two sites back then.

@belmont well there's a ton of reasons really. A lot of people, like myself, don't have facebook nor twitter - but I understand I may be just an exception. But more than everything, why people should be forced to give up their privacy and anonymity for something like videogames?!

If I had facebook, I would probably have my mom and brother, my friends and my co-workers on it. I want to be free to take a stupid screenshot of a videogame at 4:30 AM without my mother calling me the next day to say "So, is this what you've been making of your life?!".

There's really no reason to have everything interconnected. Miiverse was great because it was a little island of its own.

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Daaaang! Well, the predictions came true.

Miiverse has been wrought with a lot of good (art, conversation) and a lot of not so good (badmins, trolling).

I'll never forget the times the hacker-types cracked MV and posted a clothed Hitomi Tanaka. Glorious. I'll long remember my perma-bans, in part for posting things like root beer mugs and an admin once thinking a Greek lowercase omega was a set of family jewels with a nub. Then calling in to ask what the deal was and getting in a shouting match trying to reason my way out of my life ban. Users would get targeted, and mods ran watch-lists on a progressive, "stoplight" system that was often very subjectively applied.

That moderation was a double-edge, making for a polite community but a lot of frustration against the ham-fisted and unaccountable mods.

Anyway, thanks for the memories, MV.

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@spizzamarozzi I get what you said mate but, especially if you game in other platforms, a second "gaming only" FB/Twitter account seemed a better idea. And there is no real need to give personal info on those sites (I just use belmont there too), only a birthday is really needed and you can easily give a fake one


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