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Would it be possible for a 3DS to be used in place of the Wii U's game pad? I know that you're able to buy a feature from the eshop that enables the 3DS to function as a controller for SSBU. What about the other games that require the game pad? Would this be possible for the HomeBrew community to achieve in the future? The latest confirmation of Wii U production ending has finally sunk in for me. I do hope to purchase a secondary backup console. If I am unable to, I would like to at least be able to play in the event of my game pad dying. I searched the forums for anything related, but came up empty handed. What are you thoughts and options?


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If anything, the resolution it way too low on the 3DS to replace the Gamepad as an input device.



@jariw Exactly, and taking into consideration that the Wii U Gamepad screen would be replicated on the touch screen of the 3DS, which is the smaller of the two, the resolution would be horrendous.

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