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The Wii forum is deader than Corey Feldman's Music career. I miss those days man, and obviously the retro forum which has now become a grave yard with the occasional post about Gamecube & N64 games...Ryno would be pulling his hair out. When i think retro, i think 8-16 bit consoles, not 3D games from the late 90's, or even the Wii obviously. But where else are we going to talk about the latter? the Wii & Wii U forums are practically french toast crunch.

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Tasuki wrote:

There use to be a latest Wii purchase thread but it looks like the forum boogeyman ate it. I did a search for it and it didn't show up.

This is precisely why my acquisition of Kirby's Return to Dream Land ended up here. XD

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Here's my antique store haul. They didn't really have any video games, but they did have tons of NASCAR stuff.

I'm taking Sabertooth out of the packaging, his box is already crushed. I already took out Medieval Spawn his box was almost completely crushed.

I got really lucky with The Beatles DVDs, they're brand new and I paid only $15 US for them.
I love that car from Speed Racer so when I saw it I had to get it.
The IMAX NASCAR DVD was a funny looking when I was sifting through the DVD rack and I thought it was so odd I needed it lol.

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I just got DDR Mario mix for gamecube. Its surprisingly good for how odd it seems.

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Picked up Wario World (Japan version), Hexen, The Sims 2, (PC) and completed The Sims 3.

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