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Hello I am new to the site and wanted to get some input (no pun intended on a Pal SNES. I have a JPN Super Famicom and NTSC Super Nintendo, but I was hoping to get a PAL Super Nintendo for my collection.

My question is how can you play a 50hertz system with US outlets being 60 hertz, do you use an adapter from 50 to 60, or can you use the standard NTSC Sega model 1 power cord (like for the Super Famicom?) I heard that parts of Japan use 50 hertz and others 60 hertz, but it does not affect my Super Famicom when using a standard 60 hertz sega model 1 power supply in America.

I really know nothing about European power, and I wanted to ask before I made a stupid $100 mistake and frying it.

Thank you all for your time and good gaming!



I have never heard of Japan using 50hz outlets. If so we surely would've heard of different models of consoles being made for that purpose (at least in older consoles were the power hardware was built in to the console, not like newer consoles were it is more common to make the power unit external hardware).

Japan uses 100V and North America uses 110V (which people say is close enough that they should be within the tolerance range).
However, as I understand 240V is common in PAL countries. That right there is a no-go without power convertors.
Also, I don't think it's too likely you're going to find an American TV which supports PAL. (I hear it's common for TVs sold in PAL countries to support both formats, but that is due to wider demand for the feature.)


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