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@Tyranexx Odd Nintendo didn't just throw the EU version of Tingle's Rupeeland on the Wii U among the handful of other DS games.



Chrono Cross
Professor Layton Vs Phoenix Wright
Marvel vs Capcom 2
Capcom vs SNK 2
Project Zero 4
Super Dodgeball Neogeo
Chibi Robo
1080 Avalanche



@SheenaGemini93 Fingers crossed! They're on my wish list of games I'd love ported/remade for the Switch. I've been attracted to the idea of them both for years due to the differences in gameplay and having an overall darker world when compared to the main series. Not that the mainline series can't be dark - there have been glimpses of that - but Game Freak can only do so much when their main target is a younger audience.

@KingMike I'd support picking up the game that way! Though one of a few I'm afraid. The title is a bit obscure; I don't think many know about it. A casual search of Amazon US shows few listings, but WAY over what I'd comfortably pay for a DS game.

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Wargoose wrote:

Chrono Cross
Professor Layton Vs Phoenix Wright
Marvel vs Capcom 2
Capcom vs SNK 2

ah yes, my favorite Nintendo games

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I think Famicom Tantei Club... These NES era adventure games never got an english translation but it was surprising to see they were actually remaking them for the Switch. Maybe there's a chance for them now that adventure games gained popularity.

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