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@Eagly It's 2022.

2001 + 21 = 2022

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@Eagly Who's Kanye? (@ me in the Chit Chat thread so we don't fill this thread up pls)

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@Kermit1 I really love retro gaming! Being born in 1988 I grew up with the NES and the Mega Drive.

All of my original consoles were destroyed by cousins and I did not game on consoles for 20 years after that.

BUT I bought my childhood "friends" one by one in the last 4 years



@Zuljaras Rad collection!

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I've spent the last 10 years building a nice collection, trying to tell myself I wasn't addicted to buying games. As proof of that conviction, I've always drawn the line at starting a NES/Mega Drive/SNES collection - just too much work and money to get a worthwhile collection in nice condition, for generations of games that don't hold that much personal connection for me. So I settled for just getting the mini versions etc.

This week I nearly bought a SNES, outbid by one person. A lucky escape.

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You guys had me at blood and semen.

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I need to start getting more retro games. The gamecube is really the only system I have at the moment but i can still get games and play them on emulators. At least until I have a job and can afford to buy older consoles. I’m going to start with gamecube and gameboy/ gameboy advance games.

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I've always loved retro games, and in a lot of ways, I prefer the classics over modern games. The SNES is home to many of my favorite games of all time, and it helps that I have a lot of nostalgia for that console too. I was literally born one year after the SNES came out here in the US, after all, and it's why I'm into Nintendo and Mario today. I also like the other old-school Nintendo systems, and I even like a lot of games for the Genesis/Mega Drive. I also have a few TurboGrafx-16 games from the Wii/Wii U VC (Blazing Lazers is such a good game), and I'd like to get more of them at some point soon.

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@Zuljaras The only "retro thing" I own is a Wii Mini.

I had a rare Japanese GameBoy Pingu game but I sold it since I can't afford a GameBoy right now.

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I've still got all my old Nintendo handhelds back to the original Gameboy, although I did sell the GBA years ago not long after I got it due to financial woes at the time - have since bought a SpongeBob variant GBA SP to replace it and some more games as I'm sure I only had 2 or 3 games when I sold it.
Have just ordered an Analogue Pocket so have been picking up some cheap GB/GBC/GBA games lately and also got the Game Gear Adaptor (despite never actually owning a GG) so have been picking up the odd Game Gear cart as well so I'll have a decent selection by the time it arrives.

For consoles, I've only kept PS2 onwards for some reason. Mega Drive, Dreamcast and PS1 all got sold over the years, but I did regret selling the Dreamcast the most and bought a replacement for that a couple of years ago. Haven't got around to replacing all the games I had for it though - some of them are really expensive now so will likely never get them all. Have been tempted to pick up a Mega Drive or Mega SG too, but not having any of my old Mega Drive Carts means I'd have to start all over again.

Never really got into Nintendo consoles when I was younger, it was always computers - C64 and Amiga mostly - which I think my brother still probably has in his attic.



I have all my computers and games as I have never grown up and never will. Being born in 1982 I have been through quite a lot of gaming history, but didn't get in to consoles until about SNES times as was obsessed with my Commodore 64. Which was first my cousins, then my brothers and then mine (as my parents bought it off him to give to me)
The computers/handhelds I currently own:
Commodore 64
Wii U
Master System I&II
Mega Drive I&II
Playstation Net Yaroze
Playstation 2
Playstation 3
Xbox (Original)
3DS (Zelda edition and Toad edition - won in a Nintendo competition)
New 3DS XL

With many many games for all the formats, but I think the most physicals will be a toss up between switch and C64 as C64 I have a lot of compilation tapes and floppy discs (which probably dont work anymore)

Unfortunately, my wife's house (its not mine I just live there with her consent ) is too small to really show them off so are all in boxes in storage. Hopefully one day I will find room somewhere.


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I've gotten more into retro games recently, there are some genres that just don't get much love on modern consoles. So its refreshing to go back.

Recently me and my wife have been playing a bit of 1080 avalanche. We'll be playing the console a lot more once our retrofighters wireless controllers arrive.

I've been playing through some rail shooters, House of the Dead 2 and Sin and Punishment 2. I'd like to get LA machine guns next. I recently used homebrew to gain access to online leaderboards again, so that's fun.

Wii U..
I want to get Twilight Princess before the eshop closes. I've also got the Golden Sun games to play through.

I've been playing Illusion of Time. I've also ordered a Super NT, I'll hopefully be opening it up a year from now.

Picked up 4 issues of Ninty Fresh, looking forward to reading some of the retrospectives. I'm also interested in going back and playing some of the older Ys Games.



I've found that I really enjoy retro games and find myself playing collections and virtual console ports of them.
My favorites have been Mega Man 2, Waku Waku 7, KoF 98, and Operation C


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I've been playing a tiny bit of Willow for the NES. I've seen people play it on YT and finally decided to check it out for myself. It's surprisingly really good in the short amount I've played. Seems like capcoms version of LoZ 1



It's really sweet that Mario's dream at the end of "Super Mario Bros. 2" had him dreaming that Peach was awesome.


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Would $35 be a good price for a loose copy of Shadow the Hedgehog on the GameCube?

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@blindsquarel I got a complete PS2 copy for less then $20, but it was a few years ago. For that price I recommend to look for complete version.

I hear ZOV.

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