Topic: GBA Ghosting? Or are my eyes getting old?

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Hey I have an AGS-101.

When I play any of the Mario Advance games the characters look a bit fuzzy as they move like a little bit of a ghosting effect.

Has anyone played them recently who can tell me if they see a similar effect? I'm not sure if I will need to eventually bring my GBA into a retro repair shop or not?

Whoops I did it again. I killed the Staflos, those Goomba's they blow. Oh baby baby.


As an AGS-101 owner since I think Black Friday 2006 , this is perfectly normal behavior. Nothing is wrong with your system.

Another good example to see this outside of 2D platformers is Galaga on Namco Museum. On the AGS-101, the colorful starfield in the background looks great during the opening musical jingle when they're twinkling in stationary positions. But once that stops and gameplay begins, the starfield starts scrolling at a good clip and their colors become very indistinct as they blur with the rest of the black background.

LCD motion blur was also still noticeable on the DS Lite with similar backlit screens from the same time (And presumably the Game Boy Micro from the same period, which I never owned). Same with Sony's entire PSP range. I even see it on my 3DS XL and New 2DS XL, especially in the primitive internet browser when scrolling.

Not sure I'd say that it's truly extinct today, but it's much harder to notice at the very least. I suspect only the pickiest of people would object to it these days.

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