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Hi, lately I've been wanting to get a Gamecube but i'm afraid of region locking.

I'm in Australia but i'm not sure if i should get a Gamecube from Australia and get Australian games or Get an American Gamecube and American Games (which are more common online) and also a travel converter (us to au). If it doesn't matter either way than just say.


(Edit: of should I get an older Wii that plays gamecube games, i have a wii but it doesn't have the ports)

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Maybe. The only big reason to get an actual GameCube over a BC Wii is for the Game Boy Player (to play GB/GBC/GBA games on a TV) if that interests you.
A Wii can play GC games in progressive scan mode without having to buy an insanely expensive cable.



@KingMike: Would the Original Wii have Region locking for games and the console itself?



Pretty sure it will also use region-locking for both Wii and GC games.
Though there is a region-unlock GC disc (obviously unlicensed), Nintendo blocked it pretty early on in the Wii's lifespan in one of the earlier firmware updates (don't know what though, but I'm pretty sure it was while people were still fighting to get a console in the first place).



My two cents: just get them both; they're not that expensive now and will probably increase a bit in value over time. I've got several Euro, USA and Japanese Cubes so i can play all the games out there.

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The only reason I would get an US GameCube is if you want to play Japanese games. Since US / Japan GameCubes store both BIOS, you can modify it to switch between them (, since some games won't work correcly if the wrong BISO is used. Also, they support S-Video (better than composite), but Europe / Australian TVs don't usually have it, so you either have to stick with composite or get the overpriced component cable.

The good thing about the PAL GameCube is it can play American games fine (providing your TV supports NTSC) and you can save them on the same Memory Card as your PAL saves. Just need to use one of the following:

  • Freeloader (old versions)
  • Action Replay
  • XenoGC Mod Chip (will have to mod your console)

Also, the S-Video was swapped for RGB, which is a more common video format in Europe (and maybe Australia?). You can get one here:
The only downside is, there is no Japanese BIOS.

Hope that helps.

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