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Just curious what people's favorite way of playing this game are. There are a few ‚ÄĒ there's the FDS original, including it's ports onto GBA and Virtual Console, there's the All-Stars 16 bit version which includes saving, and there's the SMB Deluxe version with saving and the SMB Deluxe 8 bit engine.

My favorite is the GBC version. Despite the zoomed screen, the game-provided saves are a godsend, I like the 8 bit SMB1 graphics a lot, and I don't really mind that they took out wind and extra bouncy jumps--jumps that relied on the bouncy jump in particular I never really liked. It's also the only version of the game I've beaten!

So what's your favorite way to play and why? ūüėĀ If I've missed any ports or versions of it, do mention it.



The Deluxe version is missing worlds 9 and A-D, plus the limited screen size introduces false difficulty (as you can’t see what’s coming the way you could in the original). The FDS version works for me. You can save (or at least suspend play) on any of the Virtual Consoles.



Definitely All-Stars all the way. Superior visuals, and none of that dreaded screen zoom-in.


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I like the All-Stars version the best, since it saves after finishing every level, and you don't have to go back to the beginning of the world when you lose all of your lives. Plus I like the All-Stars remixes of SMB1's soundtrack the best, even over the original NES music!

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Favorite way to play is the GBC version.

But best is probably All-Stars. Play through it on that and if you really love it, go back and play one of the earlier versions.

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