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I have an Analogue NT 2nd run console with the hdmi upgrade unused in box and i'm thinking about selling it. But i don't know exactly what it's worth. A couple years ago i saw one sell on ebay for 1000$ but i can't find anything now and the even info on the console is kinda obscure.

Anyone here that can help?
Thanks in advance!



@Falangen Clone consoles are a dime a dozen and hold little to no collector value. The higher prices they sometimes demand comes from a lack of availability right after launch usually.

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from looking at eBay, it looks to be worth between $1200 and $1800

Search ebay completed listings "analogue nt"

Not sure I'm allowed to post ebay links


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@Heavyarms55 Is Analogue NT the one that was basically a modded official AV Famicom but they charged like $500 for it (about as much as buying an actual console and Framemeister or similar device)



One just sold for 1076$. Pretty used condition. So i guess that's where they're at



Over a thousand dollars? That's crazy as you're basically buying an HD modded original Famicom.
As stated, better to just buy an original console and upscaler at that price.



Those sort of prices are paid only by hardcore collectors; it's an extremely limited market. These aren't the type of people that are buying it to actually use it.

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