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What if the reason they are taking so long (or could not even be working on it possibly) is that they are working on a never before seen game for the N64 which would be the sequel to Mario 64, you might know this as Super Mario 128, it would feature things such as multiplayer and other new features.

If this actually happens it would be so epic because Mario 128 was such a cool idea!

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I think the reason the N64 Classic didn't get made is that the original N64 only sold 30 million systems. The original NES sold 60 million and the SNES 50 million. There just isn't a big-enough market for an N64 Classic.

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I think the reason the N64 Classic didn't get made is because the Switch is a massive success. Both the NES and SNES Classic were created at a time where it wasn't clear the Switch would be a massive success. Since then Switch growth has continued such that Nintendo probably feel they don't need any other devices.

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@Herobrine96243 Mario 128 was meant to be for the GameCube, not the N64 though.

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There's just too much value there i think. Who wouldn't buy OOT or MM or any other classic game from N64 indivually? Look at Quake, Turok games.



N64 was a less popular console than the NES/SNES (especially going by sales numbers), as well as one not as well emulated.
The controller itself was also a significant step up in complexity from its predecessors, which would make it more costly to produce. And they'd have to make more of them to support four-player gameplay, which was kind of the system's original draw (well, for games besides GoldenEye which obviously won't make it because of licensing).

It would probably end up being almost all first-party games.
Not unless they could surprise us and get the Goemon games since they seem to have a pretty easy time licensing Konami games and that is probably about the only Konami N64 games people seem to really like (I've heard the update-patched version of Castlevania 64 is a better game but I don't know if it's necessarily GOOD, and the other games they made are Hybrid Heaven nobody speaks of, and a bunch of sports games.)



That's definitely it.



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