Topic: Your hopes and dreams for Switch in 2021?

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Honestly - something new and unexpected but with a large budget and a big marketing push. This generation’s Splatoon.

Maybe something in a genre Nintendo hasn’t touched before.

But obviously it’s hard to know what that might be or be too excited about it before we even know what it might be about.

In terms of ports and sequels... Skies of Arcadia HD, Chu Chu Rocket and a few GameCube/Wii games.

Oh and Galaxy 2.


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I'd love if EA would put the Sims on the switch... Fat chance, mind you.

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Mario Golf, Madden and Mario Kart 9....will be unfulfilled in 2021. Life isn’t fair.




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Mario Kart 9
Kid Icarus Uprising 2
Mega Man X9
New Hardware
Mega Man Battle Network and Starforce Collection (BN 1-6, Network Transmission, Championship, Starforce 1-3)
Zelda Skyward Sword HD
Breath of the Wild sequel
Mario Hockey
Starfox Adventures 2
Hand-drawn Mario 2D game
Injustice 2 port
Batman Arkham 1-5 collection



That SMT V actually comes out this year so I can harass all my Persona-playing friends about mainline


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Will never happen but adult orientated games from Nintendo like Eternal Darkness would be unbelievable



Return of Nintendo Directs
Bayonetta 3
Breath of the Wild 2 or Metroid Prime 4 release (both with a trailer during the year though)
A new 2D Mario game or Odyssey 2/Sunshine 2/Galaxy 3

2020 had a great line-up of games on the Switch in my opinion, but the year had no hype around it. Directs are at the top because they bring energy into the schedule, whatever it happens to be.

Favorite Game: Metroid Prime Hunters


Wishlist from Ninty:
Mother 3 (even if it's a limited release like Fire Emblem/Mario 2D All Stars)
N64 & Game Boy-Gameboy Advance gets added to the NSO
Zelda BOTW 2
Bayonetta 3
Metroid Prime 4 (no chance lol)
One big surprise like a Splatoon spin off 3d platformer or a new Punch Out

Wishlist from third party cloud/ports/new games:
Persona 3, 4 & 5
Planet Coaster
Soul Calibur VI
A Dreamcast collection (CRAZY TAXI & JET SET RADIO!!!)
Rare Replay

I'm looking forward to Super Mario 3D World, New Pokémon Snap, Shin Megami Tensei V and Disgaea 6 at least.

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