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We're less than week away from ringing in the new year. What do you hope will happen for the Switch in 2021? New hardware? N64 or GC for NSO? Release windows for Breath of the Wild 2, Bayonetta 3, or Metroid Prime 4?

For me, more ports would be sufficient. As I always say, there are several-hundred games released on older platforms I'd love to be available on my all-time favourite platform. So while I'm browsing the PS Store and Steam I constantly ask myself, "where's the Switch port for this?" The prospect of playing stone cold classic console games portably has been endlessly thrilling.

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A new Powerstone would be my number one pick.

It'd be good if Nintendo put out some new games as well. I owned a Wii U and a Wii so 'deluxe' editions don't justify the price tag for me.

I'd take Any of the below.

New Advance Wars
New Project Zero
Eternal Darkness 2
Mario Strikers 3
New Mario Golf
The Last Story 2
Pandora's Tower 2
F-Zero Switch
1080 Switch
Snowboard Kids
Endless Ocean 3
New Starfox
Sin and Punishment 3
Mario Party Collection



I would be happy if they sort out the online and bring out a line similar to PlayStation Hits - give us the older games for around £16. I could justify picking up all the wii-U ports then.

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A Metroid Prime 4 trailer (I don't think the game will be ready this year)

I want an explorable galaxy and Bounty Hunting side missions. Finding space wreckage and investigating what happened. (Maybe you can undock the Switch and move it around to scan areas?)

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Resurrection of some lost game series like fzero and waverace



The return of general Directs. There's something really special about general Directs that other Directs just don't capture and the whole setup since May of Nintendo just announcing games on social media is disappointing.

As for other stuff, more games that are playable on Wii U. I still have my Wii U set up for a NES game, a few SNES games, GBA games, N64 games, DS games, Wii games and some Wii U games.


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@Magician I’d love New hardware. A more powerful system for TV mode play would be wonderful. We’ll see what the future brings.

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Mario Sunshine 2: Return to Isle Delfino!



Chrono Trigger + Chrono Cross
Xenosaga Trilogy HD Remaster
Fire Emblem 3+4 HD Remaster
Pokemon gen 4 remakes
Persona Q3
Mother Trilogy
Tales of Xilia Collection
Dragon Quest 12
Dragon Quest Infinite Strash
Final Fantasy 13 Trilogy
Super Mario Advance Remakes
Super Mario Land Remakes

Oh, and TLoZ HD Collection (Skyward Sword, Wind Waker, Twilight Princess)

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more can still make any genre you want, but perma-death with fast load times and respawns

i'm in love with this new gaming's like the old skool of design from arcades and consoles decided to save us from 'AAA' garbage

the massive userbase of the switch and the popularity of this genre means we're just going to get more of them ❤️



Non pro budget switch TV only box that ships alone with accessories like a first or second party controller and a bundle that ships with a catchy local co-op game.

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My personal top ten "it's on PS4, why not Switch?" list.

All these games have a file size below 16GB, so there's not much excuse for their absence.

Danganronpa 1-2 Reload
Dragon's Crown Pro
Far Cry 3 Classic Edition
Grand Theft Auto Trilogy (III, VC, and SA)
Odin Sphere Leifthrasir
Rez Infinite
Soul Calibur VI
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
Zero Escape Trilogy
Ys: Memories of Celceta

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@PlusUltra I don't see Nintendo going the TV only route, remember Japan is their primary market, everything they do is based around that market first and foremost, and a TV only version just wouldn't do well over there.

As for new hardware, we are about to hit the middle of the life cycle so yeah this time I expect some kind of upgrade but in keeping with how Nintendo usually upgrades handhelds it will be only slightly beefier. Looking at how the Switch is just an under clocked Nvidia Shield with a screen, the most likely thing to do is overclock the system and push that out the doors. Probably easier and cheaper to produce than actively changing the insides proper and it would be easy money.



I understand if Nintendo doesn't want to confuse or overcrowd the market with too many options. However, Nintendo didnt display such caution with several 3ds models or even the switch lite which lacks features.

If we are going to get a million different models now why not a tv option as well. With main switch stock more available now i agree main switch is more appealing but even japan fans can see the value of a cheaper switch tv option when the stock of main console runs low not to mention its a decent switch option for households that require or want more than one switch. @FragRed

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At a minimum it simply has to be Metroid Prime 4. This year's been one of the weakest I can remember for Nintendo.

There were some great titles released but it's been quiet by their standards, but willing to cut a bit of slack due to the pandemic.

No better way to hit a homerun next year than with MP 4. Probably a pipedream to expect it next year though.

My other hope is just could be please have more original content. So over the constant remasters, re-releases, ports, or 'deluxe' editions. Just give us some new s*** to play.



Monster Hunter, both a new main series game and Stories in some form...and both are already confirmed for next year so I'm good to go. lol

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@FragRed I don't see what is so confusing about a Nintendo tv box anyways. It would just be like an Apple TV. No one buys an Apple TV thinking they can use it on their plane ride. Its all marketing and you are right that it cold be sold pretty cheap.



I am hoping Nintendo will have some games to validate my Switch existing. Quite a lot of Nintendo's output, especially in the last year, has been Wii U ports and don't seem to offer any meaningful improvements over the originals. I don't hate my Switch, but I am having difficulties justifying it at present.

I also hate how Nintendo has been presenting information this year, so I would like for them to go back to the general Direct format. Heck knows it has been long enough since the last proper one (Sept 2019, 15 months ago).

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1. Dance Dance Revolution on Nintendo Switch.
2. More girly games like Imagine series or Style Savvy series or Pretty Princess Party.
3. Cartoonish Boxing games.

The things i LOVE :
1. Dance Dance Revolution
2. Eurobeat songs
3. Japan
4. Six pack dudes
5. Cute Chibi looking
6. Boxing & Kickboxing
7. Girly games
8. Life simulation games
9. White & Blue colors
10. Anthro animals

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I just want Zelda to be next year’s holiday release. Other than that there are plenty of games on the way with third parties leading the charge for once. Next year is already looking horribly expensive for me.

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