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So basically, you have a few potential conclusions:

A) although the frame rate and/or resolution dips a bit in handheld mode, the game is still very fun and functional to the point that most of us genuinely do not care and/or notice

B) we’re all paid Monolith agents who have lied our way to 1.5 million units sold and generally positive reviews

C) @Mew is stating dissenting opinion as fact, has questionable taste in rpg’s, and is exaggerating like my grandfather after every fishing tournament he’s ever attended

Good luck. 😁

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I go with option C.

Sure, the game has occasional dips in handheld mode, but it does not make the game unplayable.

This game is really good. Not perfect, but it has a great story and a cool battle system and is HUGE as hell. Get it!

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EvilLucario wrote:

@Mew I don't remember Wii games having a high draw distance and lots of effects, and when they did like Xenoblade 1 the framerate also tanked heavily (worse than Xenoblade X and 2) when action got hectic and that game needed a bit more timing due to burst affinity prompts. AND that game's draw distance is extremely poor and not as extravagant as Xenoblade 2. Just take a look at the minimap and see when NPCs spawn in, especially in the Refugee Camp and Alcamoth.

In fact, a lot of Wii games were very simple in design. Galaxy were small planetoids. Minigame compilations like Wii Sports. Boxed-in areas and views in Metroid Prime 3.

Say what you will about handheld performance but saying it's worse than most Wii games is a stretch.

I can confirm that the Wii game frame rate tanks heavily to the point that it makes very difficult to use affinity boosts because they use rhythm micro-games.

The draw distance is not horrible, a bit better than Breath of the Wild at least for the grass but it's true that most enemies, NPCs appear two metres away from you even in the cities.

By the way I am trying to beat that game so if any experts want to help:



It's potentially gotten better with the 2.0.0 update and Torna definitely improves on handheld performance. Still worth getting even if you use mostly handheld mode though given the improvements with Torna, I'd imagine the inevitable XCX port will look even better.


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@Grumblevolcano Watching the videos Xenoblade Chronicles X looks visually more appealing and cleaner than 2, but I still haven't played any of them. 2 looks very blurry in the videos. :S



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