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I grabbed my V2 Switch during the holiday shopping period in late 2019, though I intentionally didn't open it until Christmas. There was a really good pre Black Friday deal via Walmart in the US. I landed a Switch and a "free" game (Spyro Reignited Trilogy) for about $270 USD including tax. I'm glad I got it when I did thanks to the Switch shortage that ensued last year.

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Bought mine at launch, but had to wait a day or 2 as I was over in the States when it was delivered back in the UK. Finally being retired to back-up status in 2 weeks once the OLED version comes out.



Got mine in August of 2017. A special time, because I bought myself an awesome apartment so along with looking for good furniture and such, I figured I treat myself with a Nintendo Switch. It was awesome and so relaxing to play Breath of the Wild after long days of working, unpacking and painting walls.



A few weeks after release.


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I got mine mid-2020.

I already had 'StarLink' from 2019 but even now, as of October 2021, I still haven't played it.



I bought my Switch on June 30, 2018. I waited until there were at least six games I wanted to play before buying it, which is my general rule before buying any new console.

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A few days after launch. It was an unwise decision as I was out of a job (though I got one a month after the fact). I was so intrigued that I couldn't resist. I grabbed Breath of the Wild (obviously) and 1-2 Switch (which I have still yet to play with anybody ). BotW was fantastic of course, and this coming from somebody who had never previously completed a Zelda game (apart from Twilight Princess Picross), but I was really looking forward to having a DLC-on-cart edition of Mario Kart 8 that I can take with me anywhere, and the possibilities seemed boundless.

The launch period was pretty barren though, so I was still playing with my 3DS quite regularly (which was getting better exclusives than the Switch in those early months).

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I got my switch lite as a gift for Christmas 2019. Im still hoping that I can switch to the OLED model someday.

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Got my Switch in 2018, actually didn't keep up with Nintendo news for a while during a few years after finishing high school so it was a pleasant surprise that the Switch was a new console and it had some amazing games already on it. It was also incredible and invigorating seeing Nintendo suddenly doing so great after the abysmal latter Wii U years.

Picked three up total, the first one I bought was a bit worn and I gave it away to a friend. My second Switch was stolen about a year ago and I was patiently waiting on the updated revision to be announced and released which is why I now own an OLED.

The funniest thing is that the previous Switch which was stolen was also stolen with like 12 great games, whoever has it now must feel like one of the luckiest people in the world, and I'm honestly not even angry.

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I got it when I knew for sure Dark Souls Remastered was coming out on it, so around 2018, I think. That was the game that sold the system, for me. Hopefully Dark Souls II is actually coming out on this stupid thing, and not just a rumor!



Day one for me. I wasn't planning on it and I didn't pre-order, but I stopped in at Best Buy on my way to work about 30 minutes after they opened, stood in line for 10 minutes, and left with a Switch and Zelda. I had to stare at it all day at work, but I had fun when I got home.



Day one Switch then traded/swapped for 2019 v2 Switch following two month after it was sneaked out.



Growing up we were a Sega/PC family so we skipped the NES
Gameboy I got as a Christmas present years after release
SNES I got after the N64 launched
N64 I skipped
GBC I got about a year after launch
GBA I skipped
GC I skipped
DS I picked up the day the DS Lite launched
Wii I got about a month after launch
3DS I waited about 4months, before StarFox/OoT there really wasn't much reason to get it
Wii U I got on day 1
Switch I got on day1

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Nintendo Switch V1 from person for 350€ with all things that comes with it, with screen protector on, with extra screen protector, with case for Nintendo Switch where I can store games as well, and with physical copies of BotW and MK8D. And just for 350€ for all of that. That happen probably near 2018-03-30, because my first game I bought it was Pokkén Tournament and I bought that Digitally at that date, because that's the game I wanted to play mostly when I decided to buy NS atm.
Plus 2015 November I bought New 3DS XL (215€ + 15€ for charger) and second half of June this year I bought DS Lite (40€ with 6 DS cartridges while one of cartridges is 3 games in 1).

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Got myself a Nintendo Switch Lite to play video games on the toilet in 2019, 2 months after the release. I abandoned console gaming after the WII. Did Indie games and emulation on a P.C. . Now I also have a regular Nintendo Switch play games like Hades and Nexomon:Extintion. Even got a extra copy of Stardew Valley and am enjoying Astral Chain. I might get a Oled Switch in 2022.
Great experience.


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