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My OG switch is a launch system. (It now sits in its box) I bought the DQ switch I think...2 years ago?

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Got the OG model about a month after it launched

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I got a neon red/blue in 2017 as a Christmas gift.
Despite multiple cases of joy-con drift and a practically unusable kickstand, I think I'm still gonna stick with it.

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Got my Neon and Blue pre-ordered as soon as possible, but got the system a week after release as the Nintendo UK Store is USELESS


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August 2017

I was late to the party. I didn't even consider purchasing a Switch until I saw Skyrim on it. "What's this? One of my top five all-time favorites, on a handheld? I need to try this." And that was followed by Bayonetta 2 and then Diablo III, a couple more top ten all-time favorites.

Yeah, at this point the Switch has its claws deep into me. It quickly became my all-time favorite platform. That's the opinion of someone who has enjoyed this hobby for almost 40 years. A person who has owned most of the mainstream platforms at one time or another.

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I bought my first one back when they first came out and were impossible to find, but I found one lol. I bought my second one 10 months after giving my son my first one because he asked for it and was living across the country. This was during the pandemic, when it was impossible to find one, but I found one again. The funny thing is, when I bought both of these, I didn't put an ounce of effort into finding one. I just lucked out both times.

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I bought the N64, Gamecube, Wii, and Wii U day one.

Got the N64 with Super Mario 64, and bought Pilotwings 64 a week after launch.
Got the Gamecube with Luigi's Mansion, and bought Wave Race: Blue Storm a week after launch.
Got the Wii with 3 games: Wii Sports was included, but I needed Twilight Princess and Wii Play (with a second Wiimote) as well. So that was the first launch I went home with 3 games.
Got the Wii U (with Nintendo Land included) and downloaded Little Inferno as my second game.

The Switch came in a week late unfortunately, so I call it a week one.
I got it with Breath of the Wild (obviously,) and my second game was Disgaea 5 Complete a month later.

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@Magician The promise of Skyrim on the go is what made me stand in line on a very cold launch day. I was somewhat caught up in the pre-launch hype cycle already, since I'd given the Wii U a miss and didn't think the N3DSXL was a great upgrade, but the second I saw Skyrim in the Switch announcement trailer I was a goner. It took a while to arrive, but it definitely lived up to my hype when it did get there!

A bit OT, it's amazing to me what a difference four years can make in the gaming world. People are looking at the Switch like some kind of living dinosaur at this point, incessantly talking about how it can't handle newer games and Nintendo MUST upgrade to keep up. A scant four years ago it was like, OMFG SKYRIM ON THE TOILET TAKE MY MONEY NOW!!!1

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I bought mine after I graduated with my undergrad summer of 2018. It was a preowned but it came with the box and everything. My left joycon began to drift in March of last year so I bought some replacement ones but other than that I haven't had any issues with my OG switch. I never buy consoles on launch because I have a lot more fun when there's at least 3-5 games I want to play out on the system and I can enjoy them all at once when I get it. That being said, I got my switch with Mario Odyssey, Breath of the Wild, then soon after got Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze. I never had a WiiU so I was excited to play it.



@CFarris419 "I never buy consoles on launch because I have a lot more fun when there's at least 3-5 games I want to play out on the system".

I have the EXACT same rule.



Got mine at launch. I had booked the day off and everything. It arrived around 3pm for me. I was nervous all day that it wasn't going to arrive due to horror stories I had heard from others who had ordered from Nintendo UK Store not having their's dispatched until launch day itself, but still got it.

I received my pro controller and Collector's Edition Breath of the Wild 3 days earlier. I remember it feeling unusual for me to own these things prior to the console but prior to this, other consoles I had gotten at "launch" were anywhere between a day (3DS) to about a month (Wii U) after it launched.

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November/December 2019. I cannot ssy exact dates, here's the thing.

A friend of mine has a friend who works in a Wal-Mart in the US. He got me a Switch 1.1 (the red box revision) and 3 games for way less than what I would've paid here in Mexico. That was around Black Friday 2019. Unfortunately I couldn't pay for shipping so I could get it on time for Christmas.

My friend's parents went to the US on December and picked up the console. Sadly, I was out of the city and I finally could see my friend to get the console and the games... on December 28th.
By then I was almost ready to go back to work.

I'm thinking about getting an OLED model, but I'll most likely keep my original as a secondary system. Kind of like what I did with my DS and DSi XL.

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Launch day.

Had been off gaming for virtually all of the 2010s with the odd exception, so this was one hell of a shift.

Never intended to buy a Switch, hardly even knew what it was until the night before launch, but I knew it was set to drop.

I got drunk the night before launch and got googling and YouTube-ing about anything and everything to do with the Switch, and even though my memory's a bit hazy, I remember being pretty sold on it that night.

The next morning (launch day), I drag my hungover self out of bed early, get in the car and go to the shops to buy one. Remarkably, I walk into the store and get one without a pre-order, with BOTW. I also got some sweet discounts due to knowing a staff member who loaned me their discount card.

The rest is history. It's the console that brought me back to gaming, thanks to a drunken night at home on the eve of its launch.

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I bought mine at launch and am still using the launch version, even though I own the special variants released since. I don't want to go through the hassle of transferring to a new console.

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Near the end of 2018. I don't entirely remember why I took that long, but its at least partially because I was busy catching up with a handful of (sometimes massively long) Wii U games for a while. Like just the combination of BOTW, most of Xenoblade X, Deus Ex and Tokyo Mirage Sessions might've been 400 hours of gaming.

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I bought mine on launch day March 3rd 2017



Got mine on launch day as well. I really disliked the Wii U and I still consider it a complete disaster, so I wanted to move on from that console as soon as possible. As much as I enjoyed the 3DS, I wasn't satisfied on the home console front, but the Switch really restored my faith in Nintendo to the max. I also own a Switch Lite now, probably not gonna buy the OLED, but we'll see.

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I am a day one buyer but is was my first console (or handheld) since the Mega drive when I was a kid and I was only casually playing one/two games per year on PC (mostly emulation). That reveal in 2016 hit me hard and I went straight to FB to put the "shut up and take my money" meme.
I also exchanged the day one model with the new one in late 2019 as mine had a bit of warping (Game refused it for exchanged because of it), battery was not great and the cartridge reader was not working every time



I got it in about June, so I'm a pretty new buyer. I really like the games, especially 3D World.

I am a piece of bread, and I love playing 3D World.
The Switch is one of the best consoles ever.
I'm guessing people will make a lot of jokes about my username.

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Got mine January 11th this year, the day when the small shops re-opened after one of the national COVID lockdowns.

I bought it at an independent video game store in town together with a Pro Controller, Super Mario Odyssey and Streets of Rage 4. Just before that I bought BOTW at another small video game store, which only had Switch Lites to sell at that moment.
The day after, I purchased the game which was the reason why I got a Switch in the first place: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. I had to buy it at a supermarket with a gaming corner, the game wasn't available in the two stores I went the day before.
Of those first days purchases I have played through the main plot of Odyssey, played through the easy and normal mode in SoR4 and MK8D is the Switch game I spent most time on by far, with more than 200 hours on the counter (not including the times when I played it on my brother's console). But I haven't played BOTW yet, the very first Switch game I purchased. Odd, no?

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