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*Were you a Day One Buyer?

*Did you buy it new or used?

I got my new 🔵Neon🔴 one new in July 2020 (from Currys-PC World) as during the launch, I was too busy playing GTA5: Online and Battlefield 1943 on PS3.

During this time, the Switch was HARD to come by NEW as there was a shortage of stock due to everyone (in 🇬🇧) being in l😷ckdown.

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I bought Nintendo Switch Neon Red Blue bundle PAL region (Brand New condition) on 24 December 2017 + another extra Neon Blue Red Joy Cons. I bought Nintendo Switch from my local game shop at Surabaya, Game Inn.

I have 10 Nintendo Switch starter games before purchasing the machine that I started to collect the games from late March 2017.

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5. Pop'n Music
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7. Martial Beat

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Bought it January 2020 RIGHT when the pandemic began. Impeccable timing
Bought it mostly for Smash but my most played game is Splatoon with 420 hours (ayyy) nearly double that of smash. i blame the lackluster fighters pass

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Got it early September 2018. At that time it was mostly for MHGU since that came out late August of that year and I caved in. By that period I was pretty much "retired" from gaming regularly. I let my gaming PC age out, I skipped the previous generation(s) of consoles due to various reasons like life just getting in the way as I age. I mainly just had a New 3DS XL (for MH4U and some other games), my aged out PC (for some older games I was on and off with) and my Wii. I really was about to fully let life beat me and just stop gaming in general. I took a final gamble with the Switch and it was the best decision I've ever made. In a previous post I mentioned how the Switch completely reinvigorated my gaming life 500%. Due to all its capabilities since purchase I've had such a blast and rearranged my busy life to make sure there's always time for Switch. Whether docked(mostly) or handheld. Very important to make time to just have some fun for yourself.

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I got mine at Jenuary of 2018.

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I was a day one buyer, but it was the first time I'd ever bought a console at launch - March 3, 2017 at 12am, Switch midnight release.

Hadn't bought a console since ps2/gamecube. I got the Switch for Mario Kart 8. Love Breath of the Wild, Mario Odyssey, Splatoon 2.

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My wife received it as a gift Christmas 2019 (it was still not “easy” to come by then).



@Ganner Beautiful story, thanks for sharing. If Switch just had a few more (physically available) driving semi-sims I'd think I could easily settle on Switch (plus my legacy collections, obvs) for the rest of my days.

I was a Day 1 buyer, delivered to my door around 2pm 03/03/2017. Didn't think I was going to order one, out of stubborn objection to the pricing, but with thanks to offering a 10% voucher, it was just enough to sweeten the deal, and boy-o-boy am I glad I did - Day 1 Breath of the Wild on the toilet with my beautiful neon Nintendo Switch was peak gaming. Times like that do not come along many times in life.

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Got mine in July 2017, which was also one of the absolute HARDEST times to get one considering by the summer after its launch it was a very desirable and in-demand product. Had to call EB Games multiple times to see if my local one had stock. I'm actually surprised I got one as early as I did. I was nowhere near as lucky with trying for months to secure a PS5 by comparison. I also wouldn't end up getting a Pro Controller for a few more months but I did get my Switch with a carrying case as well as Zelda and Ultra Street Fighter II as my first physical games

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I got my Switch on late May of 2017. As TheFrenchiestFry explained, it was really hard to get one. I checked my local Best Buy quite often, one of the employees told me that they should have them in stock that one weekend, and lo and behold, they had them! They had the ones that came with the gray joy-cons, which was what I wanted anyway. I got my Switch alongside Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, though I got Breath of the Wild later on as well.

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Got my first Switch on launch day. Have moved around between a few since then, currently using an Animal Crossing one. Will eventually jump to an OLED model but not at launch this time.


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November 2017, though I had to get a new one in December 2019 after a painful breaking of said first unit. Had to get it brought from England to eastern Africa to avoid paying $100 extra, so I had to wait a while for it. Worth it by all accounts now.

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I got mine for Christmas in 2018, it's probably my favorite Christmas present next to my Wii from Christmas in 2008. Initially, I decided to get one only for smash but now I've got so many games on it lmao.

I'm always so close to finishing my backlog but then that one game that never goes on sale happens...

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After the Wii, I've gotten every new generation of Nintendo systems at launch. I did an all-nighter with my Mom and sister waiting on the release, and got Breath of the Wild as my first Switch game. My family has usually been interested in the launch experience even if they're not as into gaming as I am.

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@Eel I guess it's a mystery that will never be solved....

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I own an original non-Mariko Switch as well as a Zacian & Zamazenta Lite. Both were obtained at launch.

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Well, I did have an original Switch from about a month after the launch, just due to lack of stock .... Then I traded it in for a Turquoise Lite when that came out!

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Waited in line outside TRU from 7 AM on launch day. They had ten Switches for sale. I was third in line. The first and only time I've waited for a console on launch day. Froze my butt off, but it was worth it. You couldn't get one in my area for months after that.

I upgraded to the revised model late last year and passed the OG down to my youngest.

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